Sugarcane juice

Due to climate change, during summer season, thirst intensity grows and excessive sweating occurs. If sugarcane juice is drunk during this excessively hot weather, one can regain instant energy and strength. Sugarcane juice is the national drink of Pakistan. Not only does it keep away heat but it also carries many medicinal advantages:

Remember! Sugarcane juice is not only the best substitute for energy drinks, but it is thousand times better and beneficial than them.

Advantages of sugarcane juice

٭ Sugarcane juice is no less than a cure for the jaundice patients because by maintaining the glucose level in the body, it plays an important role in quick restoring the health condition.

٭ This is the best cure for throat irritation and flu.

٭ This is a natural cure for urinary tract infection and burning sensation.

٭ The calcium present in sugarcane juice plays a key role in strengthening the bones.

٭ Sugarcane juice brings down the intensity of fever and remakes the proteins that reduce during the fever.

٭ Sugarcane juice is very beneficial for the people suffering blood deficiency.

٭ Sugarcane juice cleans liver and kidneys, removes kidney stone, and improves the functionality of liver and kidneys.

٭ If sugarcane is chewed and sucked after peeling with teeth, it works as a good exercise for teeth and gums.

٭ Sugarcane juice is tasty and digestive, and it becomes tastier when lemon and ginger are added to it.

٭ To maintain the strength of muscles, sugarcane juice is the best source of providing essential natural glucose.

٭ Sugarcane juice contains a natural element namely Alkaline which enables a human body to fight the gland cancer and breast cancer.

٭ Sugarcane juice is also beneficial in healing peptic and gastric ulcers.

٭ Sugarcane juice prevents yellowing of teeth.

٭ Sugarcane juice prevents dry cough and phlegm.

٭ Sugarcane juice removes pimples and acne, and keeps the skin refresh.

٭ Applying sugarcane juice daily on the face protects it from the premature wrinkles.

٭ Along with helping in healing the wounds quickly, sugarcane juice increases the mental capabilities and strengthens the immune system.

٭ Sugarcane juice prevents stomach heat and inflammation after removing the toxins from the body.

Madani pearl

It is better to buy ice-free sugarcane juice though one has to pay more for it but it will be pure, thereafter, one can add salt, lemon, ice etc., according to one’s taste.


The diabetic patient should avoid drinking sugarcane juice. It does prevent many diseases but due to the lack of cleanliness of its rusted machines being used now-a-days, invite the diseases making the juice an unhygienic drink item. So, buy it from those sellers where cleanliness of sugarcane juice machines and other juice serving items are properly taken care.

Note: For seeking any treatment, do consult your physician first.

(This article has been checked by an expert Hakeem Sahib)




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