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While working in the market, shopkeepers need to lend and borrow from each other. For example, it often happens that a party comes to a shopkeeper to collect payment, but the shopkeeper does not have cash at that time. So, he borrows money from another shopkeeper and pays off the debt to the party. Similarly, sometimes, when a customer demands an item which is not available with a shopkeeper or he has run out of it, he borrows that item from another shopkeeper of his field, etc. Such kind of dealings among shopkeepers continues. However, along with taking other Shari precautions, one precaution, in this regard, should be to keep settling the accounts as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may lead to a dispute. For example, one will say: I have paid your money back, while the other will say: You have not paid it back or one will say:

‘Don’t need to worry. There is a trap for every kind of prey.’ said the lion. The lion and the minister kept moving in the jungle until noon, then the king ordered to stay by tall trees. The lion was resting under the shade of the trees when a bone fell on his head from above him. When the lion looked up angrily, he found a cat sitting on a thick branch. It was chewing on meat enjoyably

Pneumonia/Zaat-ul-Janb are two names for one disease. The infection in the lungs causes inflammation which is called pneumonia. Due to swelling in the lungs, it becomes difficult for the air to reach the lungs and the patient faces great difficulty in breathing. Due to this, the air bags in the lungs, which are called alveoli, are affected. In this disease, sometimes one lung is affected, and sometimes both are affected. Inflammation often occurs in the lower part of the lungs. People of all ages may suffer from this disease, especially children and the elderly fall victim to this disease. This disease poses a serious threat in winter season and the number of people suffering from pneumonia increases. In some countries, pneumonia is a big reason for the death of sucklings infants and those under the age of five.

O pious bondmen of Allah Almighty! Be aware, undoubtedly, Allah Almighty has held in pledge your souls for His right and He عَزَّوَجَلَّ has taken a (firm) covenant from you upon it and has bought this little and mortal life from you at the cost of an endless life. You have the Divine Book of Allah Almighty whose wonders do not cease nor does its Noor [spiritual light] fade. Testify the blessed verses of glorious

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