Safri the leader

Part 02

Abu Mu’awiyah Madani

When Safri got to the old pond, he was more baffled then even before. Here, the whole area was full of frogs of same colour and race. The rest of the frogs looked young in front of him. Moreover, the leader and the biggest frog out of them reached just about the height of Safri’s legs.

The next day in the evening, the leader of the frogs said to Safri: ‘Dear Safri, we have made special arrangements for you, we are waiting to celebrate the dweller of the old pond, come outside and let’s start the celebrations.’ Safri didn’t understand, but nonetheless, he went out of the visitor area with the leader. As they were leaving, a group of frogs was coming towards them very respectfully, whilst the other frogs of that area had also gathered there.  

When the group of frogs had reached near the visitors’ area, they came at the front by passing through two groups of young frogs and placed a beautiful crown in front of Safri and the leader.

The leader came forth, picked up the crown and addressed Safri: ‘Dear Safri, from today onwards, you are entitled to this crown. It is our custom that whoever is biggest amongst us is considered the ruler and the rest are his subordinates. So, from now onwards, you are our leader, and the dwellers of this area, including me, are your subjects.’

As soon as the leader finished speaking, the whole area echoed with this slogan:

‘Our Leader                        Your Leader

Safri Leader                       Safri Leader’

‘If this is your custom, then how can I break it? And how can I hurt the feelings of my own kind?’ Safri felt happiness in his heart and accepted the position by placing the crown on his head.

The life of Safri changed altogether. He would rest the whole day, he would eat on time and that too a variety of dishes! Wherever he would go, he was accompanied by his subjects. So, the homeless Safri had now found a grand home.

Safri had now become round and fat, and even bigger than before as he was eating three meals a day. However, even in all this comfort, Safri did not forget the one who had done a favour upon him. He appointed Khabri as his close minister who would keep him up to date with all the news and whatever was going on in the area.

All of a sudden, what happened to Safri one day…

To find out what happened next, wait for next month’s edition of the monthly magazine ‘Faizan-e-Madinah.’




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