The white rabbit

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Abu Mu’awiyah Madani

One day, Safri was having lunch. In the meanwhile, Khabri came running and informed him: ‘Leader! Leader! Something dreadful has happened. Just now, a wild animal has entered the area and is telling his name as ‘the white rabbit’.

‘What is so terrible about this?’, Safri said irritated.

‘O our leader! He looks bigger than you. He has big ears, small hands and long feet!’ One by one, Khabri gave a description of all the features of the white rabbit in detail.

‘Oh Khabri! I am Safri! I have faced a lot of rabbits. Do not worry yourself, I will see to this rabbit also.’ Safri reassured Khabri and continued with his lunch.

In the evening, the frogs of the area came to Safri and said: ‘Out of all of us, you were the biggest, hence, you were given the leadership and we became your subordinates. Today, the white rabbit has arrived here who is bigger and more beautiful than you; so following our custom, he will be the new leader of the area and all of us, including you, will become his subordinates.’

Upon hearing this, Safri was overwhelmed with rage and shouted: ‘This can never happen! Can you not see how fat and big I have become? Khabri, tell the people of your area.’

Khabri took a safe approach and said: ‘Brothers! Whether Safri is bigger or the white rabbit, it can only be decided when they both are stood side by side. Therefore, I think we should make them both stand together to come to a conclusion.’

The frogs all agreed and said: ‘yes, Khabri is right. This is what should be done, this issue would be resolved this way.’

There was no comparison between a rabbit and a frog; undoubtedly, Safri was going to lose, but who would let go of such easily available luxuries. Who prefers to hand over all his comfort and luxuries to someone else? So for this reason, Safri started to make efforts to look bigger, and started taking deep breathes to bloat himself, whereas the white rabbit was stood in a normal position and the rest of the frogs were witnessing the whole scene.

‘So tell me! Who is bigger, me or the rabbit?’ Asked Safri.

Everyone, including Khabri, said: ‘The Rabbit.’

Safri then took another deeper breath which resulted in his stomach to look a bit bigger, but it was very painful for him. He then asked: ‘Now tell me! Who is bigger?’

Everyone gave the same answer, ‘The Rabbit!’

When he blew his stomach further, it went out of his control and his stomach exploded due to blowing extra air in it and Safri, who would not leave leadership, now left this world.

Dear children! Just like the leadership of Safri the frog, everything in this world is temporary. One day, we will all come to an end and leave this world. The eternal is only Allah Almighty, Who alone has created this world, Who has existed since ever and will exist forever.

However dear children! The story of humans does not end after this world, but another life starts after this, the never-ending life which is called ‘the afterlife’. In that life, the obedient people of Allah Almighty and His Messenger will live in the beautiful Paradise and pleasing gardens. Whereas the disobedient people will live in the foul-smelling blazing fire.

Dear Children! We should also become obedient to Allah Almighty and His Messenger in this temporary perishing world. We should act upon what they have commanded, and abstain from what they have forbidden.




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