Excellent reciter of Tawrah

Excellent reciter of Tawrah

‘Qaroon’, the [paternal] cousin of the Nabi of Allah, Sayyiduna Musa علیہ السلام, was an extremely handsome person. Due to being extremely handsome, he was called ‘Munawwar’ (i.e. extremely luminous). He was the best Qaari [reciter] of the ‘blessed Tawrah’ amongst the Bani Israel. As long as he was poor, he would be extremely kind and courteous towards everyone; but as soon as he became rich, he became hypocrite while being arrogant and self-centred.

Keys of the treasures

Allah Almighty blessed Qaroon with so much wealth that it was difficult even for a powerful group of people to carry the keys of his treasures. People would get tired carrying the heavy keys of his treasures. When Qaroon would embark upon a journey, then the keys of his treasures would be loaded upon mules.

Glitz and glamour of Qaroon

Once, Qaroon left his home in a state that he was riding upon a white coloured mule wearing a precious red colour dress. The saddle of the mule (i.e. the seat which is tied around the back of the animal) was made of gold. Thousands of maids and slaves surrounded him on horses wearing silk clothing and adorned with jewellery.

Golden door and planks

Similarly, once Qaroon had such a house built whose door was made of gold and golden planks were also made to hang from the walls of that house. Bani Israel would come to him to be fed and would entertain him.

Disobedience of Qaroon

When the commandment of Zakah was revealed, then Qaroon came in the blessed court of Sayyiduna Musa علیہ السلام and agreed with him that he will give a thousandth of his entire wealth as Zakah. But when he came home and did all the calculations, then the thousandth of his wealth was also becoming a very huge amount. Seeing this, Qaroon became disobedient. Moreover, to make Bani Israel prejudice of Sayyiduna Musa علیہ السلام he made an indecent woman agreed upon the fact to slander against Sayyiduna Musa علیہ السلام [i.e. accuse him of the sin] in an open congregation by giving her 1000 Dinar (gold coins) and 1000 Dirham (silver coins).

Qaroon sunk into the ground

When he علیہ السلام came in between the people to preach them, then Qaroon said: Bani Israel thinks that your character is not chaste because so and so woman says such and such things about you.

He علیہ السلام called that woman and inquired from her after giving an oath on the name of Allah Almighty. That woman got scared and instead of mentioning the lie that Qaroon taught her, she spoke the truth and exposed Qaroon’s hypocrisy and the tactic of bribing her. Seeing this, he علیہ السلام fell into prostration while weeping and humbly said: O Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ! If I am your Rasool, then inflict wrath upon Qaroon. Therefore, after the Du’a of Musa علیہ السلام Qaroon along with his two companions first sunk into the ground up to his knees, then up to his waist, then up to his neck and finally he completely sunk into the ground. Same happened to his wealth and treasures too. (Siraat-ul-Jinan, vol. 7, pp. 319, 326, 329, 330)

Madani pearls for learning

Dear Madani children!

٭ Allah Almighty severely dislikes pride and arrogance.

٭ Whether we have a prominent status or not or whether we have abundance of wealth or not, we shall remain humble in every state.

٭ The one who adopts humility for the sake of Allah Almighty, Allah Almighty grants him elevation, and

٭ The one who disobeys due to wealth and status, he faces disgrace and humility in this world and the Hereafter.




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