Positive or negative?

Having taught a lesson, teacher said to his students: Let me tell you a fictional story followed by the characters involved in it. A farmer, along with his sons, was going to city from village, carrying melons on his bullock cart. The melons were large in quantity whereas the path was bumpy and rough. On steep path, one son, along with a bullock, would pull the cart and the second son would push the cart from behind but the third son would engage in strange types of activities; sometimes he would stand on the outer part of the wheel holding it firmly with his hands and swing moving his body back and forth in a risky way, making it difficult for the bullock cart to move ahead; whereas, the fourth son was extremely naughty; escaping his father’s notice, he would pick a melon and throw it  in the bushes after short intervals.

After this, the teacher cast a questioning gaze on the students and asked them: Who amongst them was playing a positive role and who was playing a negative role? The students immediately replied: The farmer and his two sons who were helping the bullock cart to move forward. All the mentioned ones were playing a positive role; whereas, the third farmer’s son who was swinging on the wheel was engaged in a useless and negative activity as he was preventing the bullock cart from moving forward. On the other hand, the fourth son of the farmer was playing a highly negative role by throwing lemons out of the cart.

Now the teacher addressed the students: We all should play a positive role in our home, locality, educational institute, business or work places. For example, the cart of your domestic life is heading towards its destination. Let’s suppose, here in your matter, the bullock serves as your father's source of income, be a trade or a job, etc. Melons signify your father's income. If you spend this money unnecessarily, it is as if the income is wasted whereas if you use electricity, water, gas carefully, and avoid wasting food, making unnecessary demands, damaging household items etc., then these acts serve as saving your father’s income. Besides, if you behave with respect and love towards your siblings and parents then surely it is a positive attitude which would build your character-level. In case your attitude remains negative then your family members would keep distance from you.

Similarly, do not create problems for anyone in your locality and it is also not difficult for you to imagine your reputation if you get into the following acts such as quarrelling with the locals unnecessarily, ‘scolding and beating’ children, making others' walls dirty with spitting of Paan juice (betel nut), blowing ear-piercing horns when leaving or coming back to home, etc.

In the same way, the following qualities will help you become a brilliant student such as being punctual at school, exercising class discipline, behaving gracefully towards your class fellows, helping them in times of need, playing your part in maintaining environment of mutual respect, respecting teachers, living up to the expectations of parents and teachers, avoiding useless gatherings and concentrating on studies etc.

Some of the following points will make you learn the important element of your organisation:

٭ If you get an opportunity to work in an organization, pay attention to your work.

٭ Raise the quality of your performance not just in the papers but enhance it in reality too.

٭ Never degrade others for proving yourself good.

٭ Respecting elders and showing compassion towards the younger ones will make you an essential part of the organization.

Likewise, if you keep pondering, your positive attitude would bring you successes everywhere, you can try it for yourself!




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