Green chilli – food as well as medicine

In eastern dishes, green chillies are very important. Green chillies have been used for centuries in our dishes.

Benefits of green chilli

§   Green chilli is a natural source of iron. By using it regularly the people who suffer from deficiency of iron can overcome it.

§   Green chilli contains a huge quantity of vitamins that makes bones and teeth strong.

§   It also contains vitamin E that is beneficial for skin and makes skin soft and gentle.

§   It is also useful for improving vision.

§   Green chillies greatly help to digest food and increase appetite.

§   Its effect is dry and warm.

§   Green chilli contains an antioxidant that increases the immune system of the body and also helps fight cancer.

§   It is also beneficial to improve the performance of tissues and form new blood cells.

§   It improves the flow of the fluids which come out from the stomach and keep them moving.

§   Use of green chilli in dishes is extremely effective in stomach pain and gas.

§   It is very useful during cholera and food poisoning.

§   Use of green chilli saves from heart attack because green chillies reduce the quantity of cholesterol in the blood.

§   The natural ingredients found in it save from cough and lung cancer.

§   Its use avoids cholera.

§   It naturally contains such properties that balance sugar level in blood.

§   It removes the cough and the scratchy throat one may have in cold weather.

§   It contains iron, phosphorus, protein, vitamin A, B.

§   Green chilli is the best food in order to fight seasonal diseases.

§   The whole strong hot taste of a green chilli lies in its seeds. Its seeds contain a substance namely, capsaicin that makes pain go away.

§   Use of green chilli stimulates blood flow towards the nose that results in bringing great relief in cold and flu.

§   It is extremely beneficial for the joint pain and knee pain.

§   It is very beneficial for heart patients and phlegmatic people.


Remember! The excessive use of anything may be harmful. Therefore eating green chillies in excess of limit may cause ulcer and inflammation in the stomach, cause haemorrhoids, burning sensation while passing urine, burning sensation in the urinary tract and blood disorder. Therefore, use it as per need in your dishes. You will stay safe from harmful effects and will get its medical benefits, اِنْ شَـآءَ اللہ  عَزَّوَجَلَّ.

Note: Everyone’s temperament and mood are different; therefore one must consult with a qualified doctor before using any prescription. This article has also been reviewed by an expert Hakeem Sahib.





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