Foods that strengthen bones

For the best growth of body, it is necessary for bones to be strong. It is an accepted fact that bones start becoming weak with age. Regular use of few foods can strengthen bones with the increasing age. Vitamin D and calcium play a vital role for strong bones. There are few plain foods that can make bones strong due to being rich in vitamin D and calcium.

1. Milk

Milk is the best tonic for making up calcium deficiency. Calcium found in milk strengthens bones, joints and muscles.

2. Leafy vegetables

In order to make up the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D, increase the use of leafy green vegetables, such as cauliflower, mushroom, greens, etc., because they are rich in vitamin D that play a vital role in strengthening bones.

3. Fish

Fish is the best food for the strength of bones. It is rich in vitamin D and calcium. Besides this, it contains omega-3 which is considered extremely useful for the health of heart.

4. Cheese

Cheese is full of calcium. One and a half ounce cheese contains over 30% calcium which is sufficient to fulfil the need of one day’s calcium. However, its moderate use can make healthy bones.

5. Spinach

In order to provide essential calcium to bones, do eat spinach at least once a week. It not only contains 25% calcium but it is also rich in fibre, iron and vitamin A.

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Excessive use of cold drink, tea and coffee as well as smoking, etc., are the causes of weakness of bones.




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