How Much Eid Money Did You Get?

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How much Eid money did you get?

Umm-e-Milad Attariyyah

Ramadan-ul-Mubarak is undoubtedly an extremely joyous month for the Prophet’s devotees. Although the hearts of believers are grieved as this month comes to an end, they find solace in anticipating the occasion of happiness that is Eid Al-Fitr. This is an important religious festival that Muslims commemorate with passion and fervour every year on the first day of Shawwal [the 10th month of Islamic calendar]. Eid is an Arabic word which means, ‘happiness,’ and as it is a day of festivity, the sacred Shari’ah has prohibited fasting on it.

Muslims across the globe celebrate Eid Al-Fitr in different ways; while many wear new clothes, prepare a variety of delicious foods, and visit friends and family, expats return to their families to spend the occasion in the company of their loved ones. In some communities, parents and older siblings give monetary gifts to children and even send cash gifts to their married daughters or sisters. Despite being a beautiful expression of love, this gesture of kindness is besmirched when women begin to compete with each other, causing unease for others by asking, ‘How much Eid money did you get?’ or ‘What did they send you as gifts for Eid?’

Such questions do nothing but cause discomfort for the other women. Our attitude should be driven by consideration and empathy. Whatever Eid gifts we receive, we should be content and grateful to Allah Almighty because gratitude increases blessings. Since giving cash gifts on Eid is not a religious obligation, parents and relatives should act within their means and not put themselves into financial difficulty for the sake of giving gifts. For the same reason, those who do not receive Eid money should not be upset. Moreover, in-laws, especially mothers-in-law, should be careful not to cause distress to their daughters-in-law in this matter, choosing instead to live with love and harmony. By doing so, the joy of Eid will increase many folds by Allah’s grace. May Allah Almighty grant us Tawfeeq to celebrate Eid as per the teachings of Islam. اٰمین




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