Looking after very young children

Children are the happiness of every house, as it is through these blossoming buds that the house lights up. The silence of the house is proof of this when they go and visit their Grandmas or Aunties, etc.

Respected Parents! Are you aware that the death rate of new-borns is very high in Pakistan? According to UNICEF’s 2016 statistics, 248,000 new-borns died in one year, which amounted to 10% of the child deaths worldwide. (BBC, February 2018)

We should safeguard and look after these fragrant flowers of the future with our full capacity. Some beneficial recommendations have been mentioned below. Read them, implement them yourself and spread their message to others too.

The parents of children born so weak that they are unable to take their feed should seek satisfactory advice from doctors before discharging. However, it is better that they remain in hospital for a few days as in these circumstances the drip feed of milk needs to  be attached and detached constantly and the hospital staff can do this in a better manner. The mother’s milk is the most suitable for children, as it is a means of nutrients and strength and it increases immunity against fighting infections.

   *After feeding the child milk, take the child against your shoulder and lightly pat its back so the milk digests easily. Use a good quality glass feeder when giving milk via a feeder, instead of a plastic one, and change the nipple weekly.

   *Massaging is not just an old fashioned method but rather it is very beneficial for the child’s growth, but definitely seek advice from the doctor on this.

   *The child’s skin is very sensitive, so do not by any means use any low quality powder or lotion.

   *If the child has a habit of scratching then you should especially pay attention to cutting its nails as he can cause damage to his face.

   *When cutting the child’s nails keep the finger pad away from the nails so there is no chance of cutting the finger. If you perceive using nail clippers on a new-born baby to be difficult then use an emery board (which is used to file down the nails).

   *If the child is feeling irritable or is quieter than usual, get this checked by the doctor,

   *It is not appropriate to persistently make the child wear nappies in order give yourself ease. Instead of nappies, make them wear a loincloth made from cotton or linen. If nappies have to be used then do not use them continuously, as rashes can occur causing pain to the child.

   *If rashes do occur then do not implement one of your own techniques but rather seek advice from your doctor and use the rash cream suggested by the doctor.

   *If there are elder children present in the home then beware that they do not cause any harm to the new-born when being affectionate to him or her.





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