The conversation of a brown camel

O my friend! I think we should go to the Firdaus garden today, it has been a long time since we have been there,said the brown camel after meeting his friend. After the long journey through the desert, taking advantage of the day off on Sunday, the brown camel reached the home of Mr. Zebra and began talking to him.

Mr. Zebra: No no! I made a mistake by going there last time, I will not go back there.

The Brown camel: Why? Even though you know too that everything is fresh there. Fruits and green grass are available there in an ample amount. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

After hearing of the arrival of the brown camel, his jungle friends began arriving at the home of Mr. Zebra to meet him.

Mr. Zebra: The problem is not the garden, but the route. The last time, my black and white stripes were ruined by the dust on the way, and you know that I am very serious about my colour; which is why I will not go back there.

The brown camel replied, It would have been better if you came along but it is your choice, I will just go with my other friends from the jungle then.After saying this, the brown camel left for the garden with his friends.

Upon reaching the Firdaus garden, with its cool breeze, the chirping birds and the shadows of the green trees in which the brown camel and his friends were enjoying the fresh produce, one of his friends asked: O brown camel! There are many things in the jungle; tall trees, various types of fruits, and many places to stroll. Those that live here are in much tranquillity, whereas, there is nothing but sand in the desert, and there is not such a peaceful life there, so why dont you come here permanently?

The brown camel replied: O friend! You are absolutely right in what you have said! But dont forget that each one has its own qualities. Each body has different qualities, and my body, i.e. a camel’s body, contains the qualities of the desert, which is the reason as to why it is only camels that are known as the ships of the desert and no other animal is given this title! That is why the life of the desert is peaceful for me and I am happy there.

Dear children! Just like animals, each human has his own qualities. He also possess something that the other does not. We should remain content and pleased with whichever condition Allah Almighty keeps us in.




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