Invocations and Litanies

Invocations and Litanies

Blessings in sustenance and wealth

Write * یَااَ لـلّٰـهُ * 786 times after Jumu’ah Salah. Place this in the shop or home. You will see an increase in sustenance and blessings in your wealth.[1]

Every need will be fulfilled

On a Sunday, pray four units after the Fard and Sunnah of Zuhr in the following manner: Recite Surah al-Fātia and Surah al-Sajda in the first unit, then al-Fātia and Surah al-Mulk in the second. Complete the prayer with Salam. Stand to offer the next two units and recite Surah al-Jumuʿa in them, reciting al-Fātia in each unit. After all of this, ask for your needs from Allah Almighty, and He will surely grant them to you.[2]

Accessing withheld money

Especially on a Friday, after praying Asr, stay sitting in the place of salah and recite:

*یَا اَ لـلّٰـهُ ، یَا رَحْمٰنُ ، یَا رَحِیْمُ*

Continue this until the sun has set. Then, wholeheartedly supplicate to Allah with complete humility and hope. You will obtain any money which is withheld, Allah willing.[3]

Ease in selling

Recite verse 80 of Surah Yūsuf and blow over whatever it is you wish to sell. The item will be sold quickly, Allah willing.[4] آمِیْن

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