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Privacy Policy for Android and iOS Applications

This privacy policy is just to notify our users about the accumulation, usage and safety of your personal information opposed to the services that we provide in all the android and iOS apps of Dawat-e-Islami. All our apps will ask you for the access of the below described information which is mandatory for the usage and settings of the services:

1. Safety of your Personal Data:

There is always a possibility that device store some data itself such as ID of your Device or Browser that you are using. All the information is kept secured and we don’t share this information or data with other parties.

To attain all the features and services of the app you will be asked to give the authorization for the access of your location.

There are some apps in which you will be required to submit your contact information and account details and the only motive for it is to kept safe from any sort of illegal activities but, again all these sensitive information are confidential and we don’t share or sell it with other company, organization or any third party.

The features of the app will ask you for the access of your files such as: images, audio and video files, content, microphone and device storage. The only purpose for this is to provide you with the best services and all the data will be kept secured and doesn’t violate any Google privacy terms.


2. Accumulation of Information:

All the data in our apps are verified and collected from authentic sources and doesn’t violate and copyrighted issues.

However, if you still find any copyrighted issues you can contact us and we will try to change or remove that particular content.


3. Utilization of Data provided by User:

The user provided information or automatically accumulated information is given to the third party but only for the betterment of apps and in following circumstances:

·         For the investigation of fraud.

·         In case if it is asked by the law for some legal proceedings.

Contact us:

If you have any suggestion or question regarding to the Privacy Policy please, feel free to contact us at support@dawateislami.net.