Al Quran with Tafseer (Explanation)


The last of all revelations and the word of Allah the glorious Al Quran and to attain the knowledge of this sacred book is obligatory upon every sane male and female Muslim. All the books that have revealed before have been altered but the Holy Quran is in its pure form since the day of its revelation which is a miracle itself. Being a Muslim, it is our duty to recite this holy book as much as we can and to make it easy for us the I.T department of Dawat-e-Islami has introduced an app “Al-Quran With Tafseer (Explanation)” for Android and IOS users. In this app with the recitation of the Quran, you can enlight your heart with the translations and Interpretation of the Quran as well. It is a brilliant app with an eye-catching user interface.

Quran With Tafsir

Prestigious Features Of Quran Tafsir App:

Multiple Translations:

This app has two translations of The Holy Quran and both are beautifully described and easy to understand.


Mufti Muhammad Qasim Attari has written this interpretation of The Holy Quran with the name of “Sirat ul Jinan”.

Elegant Recitations:

With this app, you will be able to listen to the recitation of The Holy Quran in four elegant and attractive voices.

Introduction Of Each Surah:

Whenever you want to recite any particular Surah of The Holy Quran this app will tell you the benefits and complete introduction of that Surah as well.

Advanced Searching Options:

When you want to search for anything in The Holy Quran you have to write it in Arabic and in Translations and Interpretation, you have to write in Urdu. You can search for anything by selecting any one category i.e.

  • By Quran
  • By Translation
  • By Interpretation

Last Reading Point:

If you have to stop your readings in the middle due to any reason then you can resume from the previous point with the option of “Last Reading Point”.

Go To Option:

By entering the number of any verse or surah in the “Go To Option” you can directly go on that particular verse or surah.


You can bookmark anything and rename it with the name of your choice. You can share any bookmark through Social Media and can also save it in Google Drive..

Screen Rotation:

You can adjust the screen display according to your need.

Menu In Different Languages:

You can use the menu of this app in “different languages”.


“Share” any Quranic verse with translation and interpretation as HTML through Whatsapp and you can also share the app link through various social media platforms. Download this application from the App Store and let other Islamic brothers know about it. Please share your suggestions and feedback with us at

Tafsir Al Quran Introduction: