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Muslim's Funeral

To fulfill the need of time and to spread information regarding the complete method of Funeral Bath, Prayer and Burial, a new application with the name of “Muslim’s Funeral” has been introduced. In this app, you will find the complete process of Islamic funeral (Tajheez O Takfeen), Funeral Prayer (Namaz e Janaza) and Funeral Bath (Ghusl e Mayyat). Not only this, you can also learn many funeral dua (Janazah Dua). This mobile app will work like a Funeral checklist so you won’t miss any Funeral rituals. Moreover, this is a beautifully designed app with a fascinating layout.


A person can understand something only if it’s described in his native language so, this app supports two languages i.e. Urdu and English.

Madani Muzakra:

Watch the questions/answers session of Ameer-e-Ahlesunnat in Madani Muzakra related to Muslims Funeral.


You just have to download this app once and you can read any content related to Islamic funeral process without internet facility.

Animated videos:

To facilitate you more animated videos of Funeral Bath & Burial are available, You can watch without internet and learn the complete method of Funeral.

Font Size:

To read in a more convenient way you can go in the “Setting” option and adjust the font size according to your need.


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stages of burial

Stages of Burial:

17 stages of burial has been described here which includes the location, height, and width of grave, how to put the face of body towards Qibla direction, precautions for the burial of a woman and much more informative knowledge regarding Islamic funeral process.

Funeral Service Near you:

With the “Search” option you can search the nearest representatives of Dawat-e-Islami related with funeral bath and burial not only in Pakistan but across the globe and they will complete the process of funeral bath in a manner prescribed by Sharia.

funeral service near you

Use this fabulous app yourself and persuade others to make the most of it. You can share your valuable suggestions and feedback at .