About Madani Qaidah Mobile Application:

By the grace of Allah and with the untiring efforts made by I.T department of Dawat-e-Islami, a global non-political movement of preaching Holy Quran and sacred Sunnah an app for tajweed learning has been introduced with the name of “Madani Qaidah”. With this app, kids and adult Muslims can learn Tajweed rules along with proper pronunciation of Arabic words (Makharij). It is a free to use app and it works offline without any internet connection.

Key features of this app:

·         It teaches you like a Quran tutor with clear sound and pronunciation of each letter..

·         By tapping the word you can listen your Qaida lessons and can improve your Arabic phonetics.

·         You can also read some questions and answers related to tajweed rules and makharij.

·         User can watch video of some specific lessons as well.

Use it yourself and encourage others to make use of it. You can send your feedback and suggestions at