Desire for Praise

Nannhay Miyan requested his mother, Dear mom! Please wake me up for Sahari tomorrow. She was busy preparing a sweet drink for Iftar. Upon Nannhay Miyan’s request, she looked at him with amazement and said: ‘What will you do after getting up so early?’

‘I will also observe fast.’ Nannhay Miyan proudly said.

Nannhay Miyan’s mother replied: ‘Not at all, first grow up a little then you can observe fast.’ Listening to the decision of his mother, Nannhay Miyan sat down silently for a while. Thereafter, suddenly he got an idea and he rushed to grandmother’s room with a smile on his face.

‘Grandma! I have to observe fast tomorrow.’ Nannhay Miyan humbly said.

‘Indeed, fasting is an act of great reward but what made you think so all of a sudden? Grandmother asked.

Nannhay Miyan humbly said: ‘Grandma! Two of my classmates observed fasts today. Our class teacher appreciated both of them very much in front of the whole class. Apart from this, the teacher also related the benefits of observing fasts. Grandma! I also want to tell my friends that I am also fasting.’

When Nannhay Miyan completed his talk, grandmother nodded her head and said slowly, ‘Well! This is the reason for observing fast. So, share with me some of the benefits of observing fast related by your teacher.’

Nannhay Miyan said: Our teacher explained, fasting man gets reward in abundance; even the act of sleeping during the fast is regarded as worship. Fasting person will be blessed with the fruits of Heaven. Fasting also provides numerous health benefits.

Having related the benefits of fasting, Nannhay Miyan then asked grandmother pleadingly: So, can I observe fast tomorrow?

Grandmother replied: مَا شَــآءَالـلّٰـه! Your teacher delivers lectures on valuable topics and elaborates them well. Well, you can observe fast, but do it for the sake of Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ, not for showing off. However, if a teacher or someone else asks you about it, you may disclose it,’

While pulling his face, Nannhay Miyan said: What if my teacher forgets to ask me, how will I earn praise?’

Grandmother replied: ‘My child, this is what I am explaining. Observing fast for showing off and pleasing others is an evil act. The activity of fasting is practiced for pleasing Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ, not for earning praise by others. The entire reward of fasting will be granted if it is practiced for pleasing Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ, else, there will be no reward, but rather, such evil acts displease Allah Almighty. Genuine reward is what we get from Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ.’

When Nannhay Miyan’s mother came there, Nannhay Miyan said, ‘Grandmother has permitted me to observe fast. Please wake me up for Sahari.’

Listening to it, mother humbly said to her mother-in-law: Mom! Nannhay Miyan is very young.

Upon this, grandmother politely explained: My dear daughter! We should not prevent children from carrying out good deeds. It is good thing that he will become habitual of carrying out virtuous acts and the acts of worship.’

Nannhay Miyan’s mother said: ‘Alright mom! As you like but if Nannhay Miyan’s mother has to wake him up for Sahari, then he will have to sleep early too.’

To which, Nannhay Miyan immediately said, ‘Dear mom, do not worry about it, if you say, I can sleep now.’ 

Nannhay Miyan’s mother: No, my dear son! I am asking you to sleep early at night.’

Grandmother and grandson both were smiling, when Nannhay Miyan’s mother expressed love and affection towards Nannhay Miyan.




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