Are you Human or Jinn?

A’la Hadrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan رَحْمَةُ الـلّٰـهِ عَـلَيْه has said: I had a respected teacher who would teach me the book of elementary level.

For memorizing the lesson, I would use the following method: After the teacher had taught me a lesson, I would close the book after reading the lesson once or twice and when the time would come for the test, I would tell every word of the lesson correctly.

The teacher would get very surprised after seeing this daily routine. One day, he said to me: ‘Dear Ahmed! Tell me, are you a human or jinn?  I take much time to teach you a lesson, but you memorise it in no time’. (Hayat-e-A’la Hadrat, vol. 1, pp. 68)

Dear children! Have you noticed! A’la Hadrat رَحْمَةُ الـلّٰـهِ عَـلَيْه had been so intelligent since his childhood that even his teacher would get surprised at his intelligence and ability to memorize lessons. Nowadays, a big reason why children worry is that they cannot memorize a lesson and if they do, they forget it soon.

Dear children! If you want to memorize the lesson given in a Madrasah or a school and then want to retain it, follow the following instructions. اِنْ شَــآءَالـلّٰـه you will see their benefits yourselves.

1 Ask your parents, especially your respected mother, to make Du’a for you.

2 Avoid eating poppadum, toffees, bubble-gums, jelly, ice-cream, drinking cold drinks, eating french-fries and other market items.

3 Eat seasonal fruits present in your homes as they are beneficial to intellect and memory.

4 If your father or a guardian is financially sound, eat dry fruits such as pistachio, almond, raisin, peanuts etc. In addition to different mental and physical benefits, their use is also very beneficial to a good memory.

5 Watching cartoons, playing video games and using mobile phone, iPad, smartphone etc. not only waste time, but they are also harmful to mental health and eyes. Refrain from these things so that your sight and mental health stay safe from their bad effect.

May Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ, for the sake of Imam-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat, bless us with a wealth of intellect and give us Taufeeq to use it for righteous purposes.

اٰمِيۡن   بِجَاهِ   النَّبِيِّ  الۡاَمِيۡن صَلَّى  اللّٰهُ  عَلَيۡهِ وَاٰلِهٖ وَسَلَّم




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