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Book Name:Dawateislami Ka Taruf

The seekers of Ta’wīżāt should attend the weekly Sunnaĥ-Inspiring Ijtima’ held in their own city and get Ta’wīżāt from the stall set up in the Ijtimā’. There are several Madanī incidents of Ta’wīżāt-e-Aṭṭāriyyaĥ.

Brain Tumour

An Islamic brother from Sukkur (Bāb-ul-Islam, Sindh) has given the following sworn statement: A person from our area had brain tumour and had already undergone two surgeries.  He was in a pitiable condition. Even doctors had expressed disappointment. Meanwhile, someone suggested him to get Ta’wīżāt-e-Aṭṭāriyyaĥ but his family members did not pay attention to it because of his miserable condition.

One day, his younger brother, worried and grieved, came to the stall of Ta’wīżāt-e-Aṭṭāriyyaĥ and said tearfully, ‘The elder brother is in extremely critical condition; it seems tonight is the last night of his life. He no longer recognizes anyone, and is having severe difficulty in breathing; please, give me any Ta’wīż for him.’ Comforting him, the Islamic brother of the Majlis said: ‘Don’t be disappointed; Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ is the giver of the cure. Take these Ta’wīżāt with you; many patients suffering from such diseases declared incurable by doctors have been cured by the blessings of these Ta’wīżāt.’

Next day, his brother, with a happy look on his face, came to the stall and said, ‘Going home, as I tied the Ta’wīż to the head of my ill brother (who seemed to be taking the last breaths of

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