Book Name:Singhon wali Dulhan

1. Horned bride

In Bab-ul-Islam (Sindh), wedding preparations were well underway in a house. The wish of the parents to get their daughter married was finally being fulfilled. The wedding procession along with the groom was due to come in the morning. The sisters were overjoyed. The house was beautifully decorated with lights like a bride. The ceremony of staying awake on the eve of marriage was held. An expensive outfit was prepared for the bride to wear on this night. Having got the bride ready, her friends had surrounded her, laughing.

All of a sudden, the bride removed her head covering........ The women present in the room began to scream........ the bride’s face was changing........ Her big red eyes were roaming over the room and a strange voice was emanating from her throat. In no time, the bride’s beautiful hair became stiff, turning into the shape of horns. May be this was the mischief of an evil jinn. The joy of the wedding turned into sadness and fear.

The wedding procession along with the groom was due to come in the morning and the house was full of guests. The matter was temporarily covered up. Relatives insisted that the guests had arrived, so the bride should be brought to the stage. The mother and sisters of the bride were crying desperately, not knowing what to do? Someone advised the bride’s brother to obtain the Ta’wizaat of Ameer-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat دَامَـتْ بَـرَكَـاتُـهُـمُ الْـعَـالِـيَـه 


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