Book Name:Musafir ki Namaz

If accompanied by a (reliable) Maram adolescent boy (who is near the age of puberty), a woman can travel. An adolescent boy close to puberty is deemed to be an adult. The [accompanying] Maram must not be one who unnecessarily takes risks. Likewise, he must neither be a severe transgressor nor a vulnerable person. (Baĥār-e-Sharī’at, vol. 1, pp. 752, 1044, 1045)

Woman’s parental home and in-laws’ home

If a married woman resides in the house of her in-laws, then her parents’ home is no longer her original hometown [Waan-e-A]. That is, if her in-laws’ house is situated at a distance of three days (i.e. approximately 92 km) from her parents’ home and she comes to her parents’ home without making the intention of staying there for fifteen days, she must offer shortened alāĥ.

After marriage, if she has not abandoned the home of her parents and just visits her in-laws’ home temporarily, then her journey will come to an end as soon as she returns to her parents’ home. Now, she must offer normal alāĥ [with the complete number of Rak’āt without shortening it]. (ibid, pp. 751)

Ruling for those staying in an Arab country on visa

Nowadays, many people along with their families migrate to other countries for business etc. They get the visa for a fixed period of time (for example, in U.A.E. a residential visa is


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