Book Name:Qabar ka Imtihan

Islamic brothers of my ailing mother and her serious condition, upon which they comforted me and said prayers for my mother. Making individual effort, the Amīr of the Qāfilah persuaded me to travel with another Madanī Qāfilah for 30 days; I also made the intention. Throughout those three days, I prayed for my mother, weeping and beseeching for her recovery.

On the third day, I had a dream in which I saw a pious man whose face was shining profusely. He said, ‘do not worry about your mother, اِنْ شَآءَاﷲ عَزَّوَجَلَّ she will get better.’ After the Madanī Qāfilah I returned home. As I knocked, the door opened, my eyes lit up as it was my bed-ridden mother who opened the door. I kissed her feet with joy and told her of the dream. I then travelled with another Madanī Qāfilah for 30 days after seeking her permission with the devotees of the Prophet.

ماں جو بیمارہو          قرض کا بار ہو     رنج و غم مت کریں  قافِلے میں چلو

رب  کے در پر جُھکیں     التِجائیں کریں        بابِ رَحمت کھلیں   قافِلے میں چلو

دِل کی کالک دُھلے  مرضِ عصیاں ٹَلے         آؤ سب چل پڑیں   قافِلے میں چلو

For the ailing mother, for the loans from another, for the grief and dither, let’s go to the Qāfilah

Bow down before your Lord, entreat beseech and implore, May He Bless and Open the door, let’s go to the Qāfilah.

May the filth of heart wash away, and our decadent ways go away

Let’s all set on our way, let’s go to the Qāfilah.

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