Book Name:Shaitan kay baaz hathyar

and-so Muslim has held a ceremony with the intention of ostentation, self-importance and bragging is an absolutely arām act. To apply the thing found in some unspecified person to a particular Muslim is deemed bad suspicion that is arām unless the criteria [to apply the thing to a particular person] are explicit. (Derived from Fatāwā Razawiyyaĥ, vol. 21, pp. 672, 673)

Madanī pearls to avoid resentment towards those not attending funeral and Īṣāl-e-Šawāb ritual

Bear in mind the following rulings:

1.          It is a Far-e-Kifāyaĥ to offer the funeral alāĥ of a Muslim. If even some of those who were informed of the funeral, offer the funeral alāĥ, the Far will be fulfilled, and others not attending it will not be sinners. Having bad suspicions about those not attending it is a sin, and speaking ill of them is not allowed at all.

To offer condolences is a Sunnaĥ. To make Īāl-e-Šawāb or attend its ritual is Mustaab. If someone did not offer condolences or did not attend the ritual of Īāl-e-Šawāb despite being informed about it, he would not be deemed a sinner by Sharī’aĥ. On the contrary, the one laying a false blame on him, having a bad suspicion about him or speaking ill of him, committing backbiting, is certainly a sinner and deserving of the punishment of Hellfire. If not to attend the ritual were a sin, even then it would be


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