Book Name:Halal Tariqay Say Kamanay Kay 50 Madani Phool

name registered are Haraam acts leading to Hell. One who deliberately co-operates with such people is also a sinner.

Obtaining a fake educational certificate to get the salary increased or the rank elevated is impermissible and a sin because it is based on lying and fraud.

The employee should remain active during his duty and avoid the acts causing laziness. For instance, if late sleeping at night or even Nafl fast causes laziness at work, he is to avoid such acts as the one who deliberately gets lazy at work will be sinner even if he gets the money deducted from his wage or salary. This is because he has made employment contract according to which he is bound to work at least with the average speed. It has already been described with the reference of Fatawa-e-Razawiyyah (vol. 19, pp. 407) that the employee working lazily during working hours is a sinner. Obviously, the employee’s undue laziness and absences bring about loss to the employer’s work. Anyway, whether there is someone to monitor or not, the employee should fear Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ and get his salary deducted in proportion to the reduction in work that took place as a result of laziness. Further, he should repent of it and apologize to the employer as well. However, if it is a privately owned organisation and the


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