Dear Children! Keep Away From These Things

Dear children! Our great religion, ‘Islam’ enjoins us to carry out virtuous deeds and prohibits us from wrongdoings. So, we should do righteous deeds and keep away from evil acts.

1. Do not accompany a stranger

Dear children! When going to school or leaving, playing around the house or running errand, if any stranger gives you something for eating such as biscuit, toffee, candy etc., you must not take anything from him. They might be drugged and you might risk your life as kidnappers use such tactics to kidnap children. Similarly, if any stranger approaches you and claims to have a message of your father to join him, never accompany any such stranger at all. This is another trick to kidnap children.   

2. Wiping off sweat with clothes

When children sweat while doing exercise or playing any physical game, they wipe off sweat with their sleeves etc., they should avoid this practice because it makes clothes dirty and resultantly they smell bad. It is better to keep a handkerchief in your pocket and use it for the purpose of wiping off sweat.

3. Kicking stones and empty cans on the way

Kicking stones, empty cans, bottles etc., while walking is not a good habit indeed. It may hurt your foot and sometimes these objects may hit others.  So, we should avoid such harmful acts.




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