Madani Inamat Application

Madani Inamat Application
Madani Inamat Application
Madani Inamat Application


This application has been developed by the IT department of Dawat-e-Islami for android and iOS devices.


This application is a collection of different Madani In’amat. By using this app, Islamic brothers can check their daily routine and can improve their Islamic way of life.

Following are the listed items included in this app:

  • 72 Madani In'amat is for Islamic brothers.
  • 63 Madani In'amat is for Islamic sisters.
  • 92 Madani In'amat is for Male students.

You just need to make an account for daily, weekly and monthly performances. You can compare and assess your religious activities with the previous one. This application supports two different languages including English & Urdu. Once the account is created in the application, user can resume his previous record easily. Below is the list of features in this application.

  • It is simple to use and has pleasing interface.
  • You can start from a point, where you left previously.
  • You can fill Madani In’amat Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly & Qufl-e-Madina sections.
  • You can View and finalize monthly performance (Karkardagee).
  • Complete Data Integration across Platforms (When Madani In’amat gets launched for Mobile phones, iOS Devices, and Android devices, you can shift your user accounts to and from different devices and computers.
  • Remember and Save Complete History of Your Madani In’amat Activities. (View Madani In’amat activity for any date by giving the specific date in the home page and by clicking the respective tabs).
  • Whats New:

    • Some improvements have been made in reporting section.

    Features and Versions Coming Soon:

    • Create Student (Jamia) Brothers/Sisters (Munnay/Munniyan) & Deaf Accounts.
    • View Madani In’amat Questions in more languages.
    • Add Cloud Services (Login from Anywhere/Any Device).
    • Add Update Madani In’amat Feature.

    Use this application by yourself and let other Islamic brothers know about this.

    Your valuable comments and feedback at will be highly encouraged.