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Neik Amaal App

Islam encourages people to do good and avoid what’s bad. In fact, the whole concept of good and bad deeds has great significance in Islam. That concept is the very foundation of heaven and hell in life after death. To keep you strong on the path of goodness and to make you bound to perform good deeds, the I.T Department of DawateIslami has invented this unique app called Neik Amaal Application. The app contains sharia rulings that Muslims can follow to develop many good habits in order to reform their lives. The app offers a list of 72 Naik Amaal for Islamic brothers, 63 for Islamic sisters and 92 for Male students. The app has a perfect UI and it’s completely user-friendly. Download now!

Performance Evaluation

This option allows you to track your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly performance so you can bring gradual change in your personality.

Work Plan

With the work plan option, you can schedule your good deeds and set reminders for your activities (Naik Amal) throughout the day..


Fikr-e-Madina is a great feature. It keeps you focused and draws your attention to what actions you have done throughout the day.

Multiple Languages

The app has multiple languages, for example, English, Urdu, Bangla, Gujrati and Sindhi so people from different ethnic groups can use it.

Analyze Report

Users may analyze their performance reports and make corrections accordingly. This will help the user to get better at performing good acts.

Share Your Report

You may also share your report with others. So that they’ll be able to see your achievements and be encouraged to do good deeds as well.

Short Clips

Madani Pearls

To keep you motivated on the path of goodness and righteousness the app has an amazing feature. The app sends you “Madani Pearls” every day. These pieces of spiritual knowledge will not only help you on your spiritual journey but also increase your knowledge every passing day.

Data Visualization

Neik Amaal mobile application has a data visualization feature. It is a great feature because it helps you analyze your performance daily, monthly and yearly. With this feature, you can track your success at doing the right deeds and avoiding the bad deeds. Practice using it regularly.