Islamic eBook Library

Book Library is a marvelous mobile application for android devices in which you can find the precious treasure of almost 1000 Islamic books in 38 languages. This tremendous achievement of Dawat-e-Islami will facilitate you in earning the knowledge of Islam.

Prominent Features:

a) User can easily find any book through search bar.
b) Books have been categorized.

i. By Author
ii. By Subject
iii. By Month wise

That will help the user in searching a book of a particular author; on a particular subject and updated in a particular month.

c) User can select and find the books of a specific language.
d) User can select any book to make his favorite. By doing this the favorite books of the user will be shown in “Favorite” section of the application.

e) Update section of the app will show you the latest books added in the application.
Moreover the UI of the application has been made admirably good-looking that it will catch your attention. User can easily read and learn the knowledge of Deen through this beautifully designed mobile application. Moreover, the content of this mobile app will fascinate the user once he goes through it.
Use it and persuade others for making use of it. You can give us your valuable feedback and suggestions at