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12 Madani Activities

( 12 Madani Activities )

12 Madani Activities

12 Madani Activities

( 12 Madani Activities )

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Book Summary

The booklet “12 Madani activities” is a first booklet of its kind to describe the organizational structure of Dawateislami, consisting of the procedure, organizational policy, Madani activities and their revolutionary outcomes etc. This informative piece of writing encompasses the following topics: “Zayli Halqah”, “5 Madani activities are on daily basis”, “Sada-e-Madinah (Waking up Muslims for Salat-ul-Fajr)”, “Purposes of delivering Dars in Masjid’, “Madrasa-tul-Madinah Baalighan (for adults)”, “Chowk Dars (Dars at a busy place)”, “Weekly Ijtima’ (Congregation)”, “I’tikaf on a holiday” as well as many Madani pearls which will not only broaden the horizon of your knowledge but also motivate the readers to act upon the beautiful Madani Pearls. This booklet can be read online from our website or it can also be downloaded in PDF format. Readers are requested to send us their feedback and share this booklet with others too for propagating true & authentic Islamic knowledge

Book Details



Publication date

Oct 31, 2016


Markazi Majlis-e-Shoora

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