Blood deficiency

What is meant by blood deficiency?

Blood deficiency (Anaemia) is such a condition due to which production of red cells reduces in blood. As a result, oxygen does not reach different organs of the body which affects the functionality of those body parts, and it increases the risk of various diseases.

Possible harms of blood deficiency

٭   If a pregnant woman is afflicted with Anaemia (blood deficiency), she could face a pre mature delivery and the new born baby can face weight loss.

٭   If children are afflicted with Anaemia (blood deficiency), it affects their growth and mental capabilities. As a result, they become academically weak.

Blood deficiency by birth

Some people are afflicted with the blood deficiency by birth, which is called Thalassemia. However, numerous people afflicted with this illness face this disease at a later stage.

Curable disease

Blood deficiency is a curable disease. One can control it by changing his lifestyle and diet.

Facts and figures

According to an analysis, at present, there are 1.5 billion people across the world afflicted with the disease of blood deficiency, whereas in Pakistan, 54% of the adult population is having this disease. In general, women are more afflicted with this disease than men.

Amount of blood in the human body

Amount of blood can vary from person to person depending on their physique. In general, a healthy body possesses five to six litres of blood, which works out to be approximately 7.7% of the whole body weight.

Signs of blood deficiency

Signs of blood deficiency are initially of a mild nature, but become severe as the time passes by. If you find any of the following signs, then consult your doctor immediately:

٭   Getting tired quickly

٭   Having irritated behaviour

٭   Running out of breath during carrying out [daily] tasks

٭   Nails turning white

٭   Face turning pale

٭   Weakness in the body

٭   Laziness

٭   Dizziness

٭   Darkness prevailing in front of the eye

٭   Anxiety

٭   Swelling of feet etc.


Different causes and some of their possible solutions are presented below:

٭   Deprivation from being breast fed by mother: This is a major cause for blood deficiency in children. If there is no Shar’i or medical hindrance, then new born baby should only be breast fed by the mother.

٭   Lack of iodine: Usage of eggs, fish and dairy products (milk, yogurt etc.) is beneficial for this purpose.

٭   Lack of Vitamin D: Vitamin D strengthens the bones. Its deficiency makes the bones fragile and even an insignificant blow can harm the bones. Its deficiency can be overcome by natural sunlight and consuming eggs, fish and milk.

٭   Lack of iron: Iron is of two types: Haem, which is obtained by meat and non-haem, which is obtained by vegetables. A human body needs both these types of iron.

٭   Lack of vitamin B12: Usage of fruits, juices, meat and milk is beneficial for this.

٭   Lack of calcium: In order to overcome its deficiency, spinach and vegetables like cauliflower etc., should be used.

Lack of vitamin A: Vitamin A specially strengthens the eyes, whereas lack of vitamin A causes various eye diseases. It can be obtained from fish, sweet potato and green vegetables.

٭        Lack of magnesium: Usage of grains, almonds and vegetables          are beneficial to overcome its deficiency.

٭   Other causes of blood deficiency include genetic complications, smoking, different diseases such as ulcer, and usage of certain medicines.

Domestic and spiritual remedies

Few things that assist in fulfilling blood deficiency

Dark grapes, beetroot, carrot, apple, apricot, pomegranate, tomato, peach, cherry, spinach, red meat, and fish etc.

Three domestic remedies for blood deficiency

1     Fenugreek contains vitamin B, iron, phosphorus and calcium which removes physical weakness and blood deficiency. Fenugreek can be cooked like pulses, in Khichri [a comfort food made from rice and lentils with less spices used in subcontinent] or its benefits can be availed by adding fenugreek powder in sauce or in Chhachh [buttermilk]. (Maythee kay 50 Madani Phool, pp. 2)

2     Dry black raisins 10 grams, dry apricot 1, fresh mint 10 leaves, small cardamom 1. How to prepare: Soak apricot and dry raisin in a glass of water at night. In the morning, remove the apricot seed and grind black dry raisin, mint leaves, cardamom and apricot within the same water. The medicine is ready. If you want, you can also add honey or brown sugar in it to make its taste nice. Elders should take half a glass in the morning and half a glass in the evening, whereas children shall be made to drink it three or four times in a day in small quantities. Keep using it until one gets cured. Along with overcoming the blood deficiency, it will also help liver function properly, اِنْ شَــآءَالـلّٰـه عَزَّوَجَلَّ.

3     Revand Chini [ریوند چینی] 12 grams, Revand Khatai [ریوند خطائی] 12 grams, Kushta Faulad 6 grams, white cumin 12 grams. Clean and grind all ingredients properly. Eat half spoon in the morning and evening after food with pomegranate juice or plain water. اِنْ شَــآءَالـلّٰـه عَزَّوَجَلَّ it will produce new blood in the body. Give half the dose to young children, or even less than that as per their age. Keep using it until getting cured.

Spiritual remedy for blood deficiency

Salat-‘Alan-Nabi for the remedies of illnesses:

اَللّٰھُمَّ   صَلِّ   عَلٰی   سَیِّدِنَا  مُحَمَّدٍ  طِبِّ  الْقُلُوْبِ  وَ  دَوَآ ئِھَا  وَ عَا فِیَۃِ  الْاَبْدَانِ

وَ شِفَآ ئِھَا  وَ نُوْرِ الْاَبْصَارِ  وَ ضِیَآ ئِھَا  وَ عَلٰی  اٰلِہٖ  وَ اَصْحَابِہٖ  وَ بَارِکْ  وَسَلِّمْ

Write the aforementioned Salat-‘Alan-Nabi with saffron or yellow colour in the state of Wudu and give it to the patient so that he licks it with his tongue or drinks it by dissolving it in water. Keep performing this action until one gets cured. With the command of Allah Almighty, it has cure for every disease, except death.

Madani pearl

If blood deficiency is due to an illness, then the deficiency will not be removed without treating the illness.

O our beloved Allah Almighty! Protect us from blood deficiency as well as all other illnesses and enable us look after our health in order to worship You!


Sab say ziyadah fikr hay sihhat ki lazmi

Sihhat nahin durust to bay-kaar zindagi

Most important worry is pertaining to one’s health

Life is of no use if one has problems in his health

(Undergo every treatment only after the consultation of your doctor.)




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