Hazir Jawab Bachha

Fatah, the younger son of Khaqaan (an influential figure during the Abbasid period) was a very quick-witted and intelligent person. Once when Khaqaan fell sick, caliph made a home visit to inquire after him. During the visit, caliph also met Fatah, and just for fun asked him: ‘Fatah! Tell me! Is your house more beautiful or my royal palace?’ Fatah humbly replied: Our house is more beautiful because you [i.e., the caliph] are at our house right now.

Similarly, once caliph had a gemstone in his hand. Pointing towards it, he asked Fatah: ‘Fatah! Is this gemstone more beautiful or the one set in my ring?’ Fatah humbly replied: ‘The hand which has the gemstone is more beautiful than everything else.’

The caliph was greatly surprised to notice the quick-wittedness and wisdom of this young boy and gave him a prize too. (Siyar A’lam-un-Nubala, vol. 12, pp. 83, Al-Mustatraf, vol. 1, pp. 106)

Dear children! Did you see! Fatah gave quick answers full of wisdom to the great ruler of that time without hesitation and getting nervous.

So, whenever a highly ranked personality asks you a question, do not get confused or nervous; otherwise you will forget the right answer. So it is suggested that first of all, try to understand the question properly, thereafter answer it with confidence and good manners.




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