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The Aged (Idol) Worshipper

( The Aged (Idol) Worshipper )

The Aged (Idol) Worshipper

The Aged (Idol) Worshipper

( The Aged (Idol) Worshipper )

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Book Summary

The booklet “The aged (Idol) worshipper” is truly a remarkable piece of writing full of faith refreshing facts and precious information primarily focusing on distinguishing between monotheism and polytheism and non-believers’ heinous practices. First of all the esteemed readers will go through the thought-provoking facts about idol worshipping followed by the informative topics “Miserable condition of the world”, “The Noble Birth of Beloved Prophet”, “The Declaration of Prophet-hood”, “The memoir of a heroin addict’, “Turmoil Amongst non-Believers!”, “Surrounded by non-believers”, “Cardiac patient got recovered”, “Strangling with mantle” as well as many startling revelations along with valuable parables and Madani pearls which will not only broaden the horizon of your knowledge but also motivate the readers to act upon the beautiful Madani Pearls. This booklet can be read online from our website or it can also be downloaded in PDF format. Readers are requested to send us their feedback and share this booklet with others too for propagating true & authentic Islamic knowledge.

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Publication date

Aug 26, 2016



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