religious tour in nepal
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Religious Tour in Nepal

Haji Rafi Atari is conducting a religious tour in Nepal on February 15th for the promotion of religion Islami.

The relentless efforts and endeavors of the Central Executive Body of Dawat e Islami have led to the expansion of religious activities in most countries around the world. The fruits of the efforts and religious struggles of the esteemed figure in the Islamic world, Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Qadri, are evident to all members of the Central Executive Body in their day-to-day activities. They tirelessly embark on journeys, in the form of Madani Qafilas, to practically interpret the purpose given by their spiritual leader for the religious and moral reformation of people. In recent days, starting from February 15th, Executive Member of Dawat-e-Islami Haji Rafi Atari is touring Nepal in an effort to reform himself and people worldwide. During this religious tour, Haji Rafi Atari will address various religious gatherings on the importance of reform and religion, meet with people, invite them to join the Madani Qafila of Dawat e Islami, and also consult with the Islamic brothers in Nepal for improvement in the religious activities of Dawat e Islami. If you wish to participate in the Madani Qafila in Nepal with Haji Rafi Atari, you can contact the International Travel Department of Dawat e Islami at +977 9846 314786.