fgrf-in support of muslims in gaza
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FGRF has delivered containers of relief supplies to Gaza

In support of the oppressed Muslim population in Gaza, DawateIslami FGRF (Faizan Global Relief Foundation) has distributed large containers of relief supplies, including food, drink, and warm clothing, in collaboration with Red Crescent at the Rafah border in Egypt.

The director, chief organizer, and workers of FGRF (Faizan Global Relief Foundation) are tirelessly working day and night to provide assistance to the oppressed Muslim elderly women and children in Palestine. They are making extensive efforts to deliver essential items such as food, clothing, medications for the injured, and other necessary supplies to Gaza. A significant number of Muslims from Palestine have relocated to tents at the Rafah border in Egypt, and to support them, FGRF UK, along with representatives from Pakistan, have joined hands with the Amrit’s Red Crescent.

Together, they have distributed two large containers of relief supplies, including foam mattresses, blankets, warm clothing, and food and drink items, to protect the Muslim brothers and sisters from the harsh cold. On this occasion, the officials of Faizan Global Relief Foundation expressed gratitude to the generous and untainted Muslims who contributed donations and provided assistance. They ensured that the donations reached the oppressed Palestinians, expressing thanks to the Muslim community for their support in alleviating the suffering of the Palestinian people.