Book Name:Hazrat Sayyiduna Talha bin Ubaidullah ki Sakhawat

Impressed by the polite and humble manners of the Islamic brothers whose heads were adorned with green turbans, he immediately joined them. By the blessings of the company of the lovers of the Beloved Rasool, he repented of his sins, grew a beard, adorned his head with the crown of a green turban and developed a mind-set of wearing Madani clothing. He travelled with a Madani Qafilah for 6 days, and made the intention of travelling for a further 92 days, but didn’t have the expenses for the travel.

One day, he met a relative of his. The relative was astonished to see that a notorious person of society and a drinker had transformed remarkably, growing a beard and wearing Madani clothing with a green turban on his head. He was told that travelling with a Madani Qafilah had caused this great positive change in his life and he had also made a firm intention of travelling with a 92-day Madani Qafilah but could not travel for the time being due to financial constraints. His relative responded, ‘Don’t worry about the money. Not only will I provide the expenses of the 92-day Madani Qafilah but I will also provide for your family for 92 days.’ In this way, the brother travelled with a Madani Qafilah for 92 days.


یا خُدا! نکلوں میں مدنی قافلوں کے ساتھ کاش!

سُنّتوں کی تَربِیَت کے واسطے پھر جلد تَر!

خُوب خِدمت سُنّتوں کی ہم سَدا کرتے رہیں

مدنی ماحول اے خُدا ہم سے نہ چُھوٹے عُمر بھر


صَلُّوۡا عَلَى الۡحَبِيۡب       صَلَّى اللّٰهُ تَعَالٰى عَلٰى مُحَمَّد

How were the pious saints?

Dear Islamic brothers! Hujjat-ul-Islam, Sayyiduna Imam Muhammad Bin Muhammad Bin Muhammad Ghazali رَحْمَةُ اللهِ تَعَالٰی عَلَيْه has said: Let me inform you of who you are, and how the pious saints were, so that you may know your faults and the excellences of the pious saints رَحِمَهُمُ الـلّٰـهُ تَـعَالٰی. Some blessed companions رَضِىَ الـلّٰـهُ تَـعَالٰی عَـنْهُم possessed wealth, but their purpose was to abstain