Planting Seeds of Success

Parents’ Corner

Planting Seeds of Success

Asif Jahanzayb Attari Madani

Hanging fruit growing in gardens, shade-giving trees, and fragrant, bright flowers make for pleasant viewing. We enjoy these beautiful sights and reap their benefits. Have you ever wondered how much hard work goes into making a beautiful garden? A gardener sows seeds into the ground, then waters them, arranges the plants to receive sufficient amounts of sunlight, adds fertiliser, and protects the weak, young saplings until they become trees. He sprays them to remove pests and ties those needing support to a piece of wood to keep them upright. After tremendous effort and care, beautiful, fragrant flowers, and fruit-bearing, shade- giving trees appear. Every part of these trees is useful.

Just as a seed needs constant care and attention until it becomes a tree, children need ongoing care and nurturing until they become independent and successful. Merely admitting your child into a school or madrasah is simply not enough. Here are some matters which are easily overlooked:

1.   The way in which crops are irrigated and fertilised, the mind of a child should be adorned with sound tenets and teachings of Islam. This is so the tribulations of the era do not harm or sway their faith.

2.   Similar to how plants are given water and sunlight to prevent them from dying, give your children the best education and upbringing possible. This will ensure that their intellectual and mental potentials are fulfilled. In this way, your child can develop into a successful member of society, who strives for the betterment of humanity.

3.   Plants and crops are protected from pests and changes in weather so they survive and continue to grow. Likewise, be wary of who your child spends time with and protect them from bad company so that their morals and character are not marred.

4.   Trees and crops are cultivated for a purpose and benefit. Similarly, teach your children to live purposeful lives from an early age. There is no benefit in living a life without purpose.

If children’s food, education, upbringing, and environment are carefully looked after from an early age, they will grow up with the skills to be successful and the morals to be respected members of society.  




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