Book Name:Riya kari

19 Examples of showing off

1.         To learn the art of the recitation of the Holy Quran to impress people so one can be called a Qaari Sahib.

2.         To maintain a voice pitch [i.e. the rise and fall of voice] and other rules of recitation during Ijtima’aat according to the number of attendees so that they can be impressed.

3.         To speak or write words of humbleness like addressing oneself as a Faqeer, sinful, useless person etc. so that people consider you a humble-natured person and praise your humbleness.

4.         To meet people warmly and politely so that people consider you a sociable and well-mannered person.

5.         To wipe tears from the eyes, when weeping during Du’a etc. in the presence of others, so that people will get the impression that he is wiping tears quickly to avoid showing off.

6.         To say such sentences to impress others as: I am very fearful of sins, I am in constant fear of having a bad end, alas, what will happen to me in the dark grave! Alas, how will I face accountability on the Day of Judgement! etc.

7.         To utter such sentences to give the impression of piety as: I avoid meeting the rich and renowned people.

8.         To say sympathetic sentences for someone after hearing his trouble so that people call him you merciful and sympathetic.

9.         To hold rosary beads in one’s hands in such a way, and make it noticeable to people, or keep on moving one’s lips for others to hear the sound, or to recite Salat-‘Alan-Nabi or Azkaar so that people can consider him a pious person.

10.      To ensure in public that you act upon the Sunnah properly, when eating, drinking, standing or sitting, etc., only in the presence of others, whilst ignoring practicing the Sunnah when alone.