Book Name:Buzurgan e Deen Ka jazba e Islah e Ummat

Remember! If a Muballigh [i.e. preacher] meets worldly powerful personalities, treating them with respect, hearing about their achievements and accomplishments, praising and flattering them; then such a Muballigh has not achieved his goal.

A successful Muballigh is the one who is not awed even by a high-ranking worldly personality such as a minister, a governmental officer or a billionaire. If the dignitary talks about worldly things, the Muballigh should dominate the conversation by offering him Madani pearls about ‘call to righteousness’. Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ forbid, if the dignitary falsely blows his own trumpet, the Muballigh must not see eye to eye with him. If possible, the Muballigh should try to reform him. If impossible, the preacher should resent it in his heart and attempt to change the topic of conversation. The Muballigh ought to advise him about Salah, encouraging him to act upon Sunnah and inculcating in him the thought that Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ has the power to elevate and to humiliate anyone.

The preacher should make individual effort like this, ‘You can serve Islam by taking permissible advantage of your authority. A little effort of yours can do much more than what ordinary people cannot do even by making a lot of efforts. If you set a date for attending a Sunnah-inspiring Ijtima’ or travelling with a Madani Qafilah, then many Islamic brothers may be prepared to attend the Ijtima’ and to travel with the Madani Qafilah just by hearing your name.’ If a Muballigh has met a dignitary once, he should remain in touch with him at least for as long as the dignitary becomes a regular traveller of Madani Qafilahs and makes others also travel. One should also remain in touch with every new Islamic brother in a similar way. Just shaking hands occasionally and talking formally should not be deemed enough.

Beware! The Muballigh must not have the dignitary resolve his personal issues. He must not request the dignitary to help him get a job or assist him in his business or lend him money etc. But rather he should make individual efforts for travelling with Madani Qafilah and attending congregation, etc.


میں نیکی کی دَعوَت کی دُھومیں مَچاؤں

بَدِی سے بَچُوں اور سب کو بَچاؤں