Book Name:Allah Walon kay Ikhtiyarat

Sand turned into gold

One day, a woman approached the court of Sayyiduna Baba Fareeduddin Mas’ood Ganj Shakar رَحْمَةُ اللهِ تَعَالٰی عَلَيْه and said: O honourable Shaykh! I have 3 young (marriageable) daughters, and want to get them married, please help me in this regard. Sayyiduna Baba Fareeduddin Ganj Shakar رَحْمَةُ اللهِ تَعَالٰی عَلَيْه asked the attendants to fetch whatever is present in the shrine and give it to this woman. The attendants humbly said: O honourable Shaykh! Nothing is left today. Listening to this, that woman started weeping and said, ‘I am extremely helpless and have come to you with a lot of hope.’ He رَحْمَةُ اللهِ تَعَالٰی عَلَيْه said to her: Go and fetch some sand from outside. She did so. He رَحْمَةُ اللهِ تَعَالٰی عَلَيْه recited Surah Al-Ikhlas loudly and blew on the sand, and it immediately turned into gold. All the people present there were so amazed. The woman went back taking that gold. Having reached home, after purifying herself, she recited Surah Al-Ikhlas and blew on more sand but in vain. She finally continued this practice for three days but nothing happened. Helpless, she again approached the court of Sayyiduna Baba Fareeduddin Ganj Shakar     رَحْمَةُ اللهِ تَعَالٰی عَلَيْه and humbly said: Your highness! I have also recited Surah Al-Ikhlas on some sand but it did not change into gold. Sayyiduna Baba Fareeduddin Ganj Shakar رَحْمَةُ اللهِ تَعَالٰی عَلَيْه replied: Although you followed the same practice, but you do not have the tongue of Fareed. (Allah kay Safeer, pp. 298)

Dear Islamic brothers! It has been learnt from this parable that the pious people of Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ help those who are distressed, worried, poor and needy who approach them, even if they have nothing to help anybody, they still do not let them go empty handed, and by using their saintly miraculous powers, they fulfil the need of the needy and the destitute by turning sand into gold etc. Furthermore, we also came to know that those who love Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ, possess a unique effectiveness in their tongues.

Shaykh-e-Tareeqat, Ameer-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat دَامَـتْ بَـرَكَـاتُـهُـمُ الْـعَـالِـيَـه has illustrated this with an example: If properly fired from a high-quality gun, even a cartridge can kill a lion. Likewise, invocations and Du’as are like cartridges while the tongue of the reciter is like a gun. The Du’as are the same, but our tongues are not like those of the blessed Companions and the noble saints. How can effectiveness be attained in the tongues committing the sins of lying, backbiting,