Book Name:Aala Hazrat ka Ishq e rasool

v  (fundamental article of faith) at the time of death, and whoever consumes opium will not be able to recite the Kalimah at the time of death.

v  It is narrated from Sayyiduna Ibn ‘Abbas رَضِىَ اللهُ تَعَالٰی عَـنْهُمَا that there are 10 qualities in the Miswak: It cleans the mouth, strengthens the gums, strengthens the eyesight, eliminates phlegm, eliminates bad smell of the mouth, it is in accordance with the Sunnah, the angels become happy, Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ is pleased, it increases good deeds and rectifies the stomach.

(Jam’-ul-Jawami’ lis-Suyuti, vol. 5, pp. 249, Hadees 14867)

v  Miswak should be from Zaytoon, or Neem, or similar trees/plants having a bitter taste.

v  Thickness of the Miswak should be equal to the little finger.

v  Miswak should not be longer than one’s hand span as Satan sits on it.

v  The strands of the Miswak should be soft; otherwise, they might cause spaces between the teeth and gums.

v  If a Miswak is fresh then it is excellent; otherwise soak it in a glass of water until it becomes soft.

v  Trim the strands of the Miswak every day as they are beneficial only as long as they have some bitterness.

v  Brush your teeth horizontally with the Miswak.

v  Always brush your teeth with a Miswak in three cycles.

v  And rinse it after each cycle.

v  Hold the Miswak in the right hand in such a manner that the little finger remains beneath it and the middle three fingers remain over it while the thumb is also beneath pointing upwards (near the soft strands that are used to brush the teeth).