Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

Asad Attari Madani

Dream: I saw Madinah in the sky.

Interpretation: It is a good dream and a sign of love for Madinah.

Dream: I saw myself travelling in a car, and the car becomes an animal as though magic has taken place. I started reciting something and I am saved from that animal.

Interpretation: The dream seems to be random; do not be disturbed by it. However, it will definitely be beneficial to introduce daily litanies into your life. If you are already a disciple of a qualified spiritual guide, make a habit of reciting at least some of the litanies he has prescribed. اِنْ شَــآءَالـلّٰـه You will receive the blessings of this.

Dream: I saw my mother-in-law wearing white clothes and saw that she had passed away. We all began crying. At that moment, my husband shook her and we saw she was alive suddenly.

The second dream is that of my mother, who saw two funeral biers in her home, both of which are covered in a black cloth and surrounded by dirt. Please inform me of the interpretation of these two dreams.

Interpretation: There is no interpretation of these dreams. Do not worry. If your mother-in-law is alive, make duāʾ she is granted a long life of goodness.

Dream: I see that there are black marks on my face. Please mention the meaning of this. Thank you.

Interpretation: Having marks on the face is a sign of corruption in financial matters. The one who sees such a dream should reflect on their situation in this regard. If there is some shortcoming, they should resolve it. If they uncover some sinful act, they must repent in the court of Allah.

Dream: My father has dreamed many times of his shoes vanishing, or not being able to find the path. If he does find a path, it is to the graveyard. The path he usually takes whilst out goes past a graveyard. He states he has had dreams of this nature many times. Please mention the interpretation of this dream.

Interpretation: One sees such dreams due to disorderly thoughts, but do not worry! Make duāʾ for well-being in the blessed court of Allah Almighty.




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