How should academic year be initiated?

New academic year gives something very special to ambitions and spirit. Students are determined to do better than their previous academic record. Planning for a better future gives them a new inspiration. Therefore these precious moments should not be wasted, but rather special planning and preparation should be made for these days. The academic year of religious Jami’aat and Madaris all over the world approximately begins in Shawwal-ul-Mukarram. Keeping in mind the same aspect some Madani pearls are being presented about ‘How should the academic year be initiated’:

Make correct intention

Dear students! We have been listening to the blessed Hadees since our childhood: ‘اِنَّمَا الْاَعْمَاْلُ بِالنِّیَّات’ i.e. deeds depend on intentions. Remember! Deeds do not mean only Salah, Sawm and Sadaqah and charity, but they mean every deed. It is very necessary to keep in mind as to what our intention is for gaining admission in Jami’ah. We should have only this intention: I will gain Islamic knowledge for pleasing Allah Almighty and will serve Islam and Muslims with Islamic knowledge.

However, worldly benefits are separate. No one should have the intention to get himself called ‘Allamah or Mufti at all. The Beloved Rasool صَلَّى اللّٰەُ عَلَيْهِ وَاٰلِهٖ وَسَلَّم has said: On the Judgement Day, first of all, the decision about a martyr will be made. When he will be brought, Allah Almighty will remind him of His blessings, so he will acknowledge the blessings, then Allah Almighty will state: What did you do in return for these blessings? He will humbly say: I did Jihad in Your path until I was martyred. So Allah Almighty will state: You are a liar; you did Jihad because you wanted to be called brave and you were called brave. Then he will be ordered to go to Hell, so he will be dragged on his face and put into Hell.

Then the person will be brought who gained knowledge, imparted knowledge and recited the Holy Quran. When he will come, Allah Almighty will also remind him of His blessings, so he will also acknowledge the blessings. Allah Almighty will then ask him: What did you do in return for these blessings? He will humbly say: I gained knowledge and imparted knowledge and recited the Holy Quran for You. Allah Almighty will state: You are a liar; you gained knowledge so that you could be called a scholar and recited the Holy Quran so that you could be called a Qari and you were called the same. Then order will be given to put him into Hell. He then will be dragged on his face and put into Hell. Then a rich person will be brought who was blessed with abundant wealth. He will also be reminded of the blessings; he will also acknowledge the blessings, so Allah Almighty will say: What did you do in return for these blessings? He will humbly say: I spent in Your path wherever it was needed. Allah Almighty will state: You are a liar; you did it so that you could be called generous and you were called generous. Then an order will be issued to put him into Hell and he will also be put into Hell by being dragged on his face. (Sahih Muslim, pp. 813, Hadees 4923)

Our goal

Surely our goal is to attain the pleasure of Allah Almighty, but we should not forget that after getting Islamic knowledge we have to start our practical life as well. The planning of ‘What is our goal in our practical life?’ is very necessary. There are a large number of students who complete their studies but they do not know about themselves and their goal. Finally, the Ummah continues to be in need of a good, expert and sincere Islamic scholar or teacher or preacher or writer. So every student should determine his aim of life and goal. Whether it is writing and delivering speeches, teaching or any other field, he should make up his mind about the field in which he wants to serve Islam. He should consult with the experts of that art and field and learn from their experience. From the very first day, he should focus on his activities, manner of gaining knowledge, extra-curricular studies, in short, he should focus on his goal from every aspect. If the one who wants to be a Mufti and serve Dar-ul-Ifta Ahl-e-Sunnat avoids the study of Fatawa and the information from Ifta for seven to eight years, it is not possible for him to become a Mufti and serve in Dar-ul-Ifta.

Dear students! Currently, Islam and Muslim Ummah greatly need competent, learned and studious scholars who hold a strong belief and also have strong feelings for serving Ummah. Therefore select a field in which you want to serve Islam from today and work hard from that perspective.

First day of the year

Whether students are new or have qualified for the new class all should reach their classes on time on the very first day. Some students do not give importance to this day; it is very unfair. On this day, many teachers give instructions and pieces of advice. Teachers tell students about the experiences of their life, etc., and guide them to a bright future.

Lateness and day off!

Coming to the class late or taking a day off without any reason and compulsion is very harmful. Many students do not understand its importance, whereas it is a fact that after completing studies the same students talk about its importance. Remember! There is a fixed duration for every period in the class. A teacher tries his best to complete the lesson in a proper manner; he, therefore, starts the lesson from the beginning of the period. Those who come late become unaware of the initial important things. Sometimes even these students ask a question about the thing which has been mentioned at the beginning of the period either during the lesson or after the lesson, due to which the teacher and the whole class get worried. When coming late is so harmful, how harmful it would be to take a day off!

Preparation for lessons

Dear students! Never think that you can get full benefit from the lesson and the book by listening to whatever the teacher will teach in the class. The method of gaining complete benefit from the lesson taught daily is to read the lesson which you have to read in the class more than three times one day in advance. Understand the meaning of the word, the sense of the sentence and the situation of the problem. The things you do not understand should be written. In this way, the next day when the teacher will teach in the class, you will understand everything quickly and you will also be able to understand the things which you could not understand.

Value of time

We have been listening and observing since our childhood that time does not stop, it passes, therefore, value it. The correct usage of the available blessing leads to success. There are a large number of students who waste their precious time in many other activities besides using mobile phones, the internet, going to restaurants, and wandering in different places; they do not study. For the time being, all these things look very good, but when the time has passed, students realize. You just ask any such person who has household responsibilities about the importance of time and about his feelings, so he will say: I wish the time could return!

Students can be divided into three types from the perspective of the start of an academic year: (1) Those who gain admission in the first year (2) those who qualify for the next class (3) those who qualify for the last class.

Madani pearls about all these three types will be mentioned in the magazine of the next month, اِنْ شَـآءَ اللّٰە.




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