Turn your mistakes into a valuable life lesson

Dear Islamic brothers! Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ has made His blessed Prophets عَـلَـيْهِمُ السَّلَام and angels Ma’soom (Divinely infallible) but we as, ordinary people, are fallible and make mistakes. One of the traits of a wise person is that he learns from both, others’ and his own mistakes, and does not repeat his mistake. Especially in worldly matters, when one does not learn from his mistakes, he keeps making mistakes over and over again, and that person sometimes plunges into a deep pit of failures.

O devotees of Rasool! By not trying to learn from the mistakes, a person also loses his prestige, including other losses. Some people are desirous of improving themselves but fail to bring any change within them. I request all these people to start acting upon the following two principles. They will witness its wonderful outcome اِنْ شَــآءَالـلّٰـه:

1 Making a good decision

Start learning a lesson from others’ and your mistakes. Sometimes, a person makes a decision about his personal matters, office or business affairs but does not gain the desirable result. Similarly sometimes things do not come up to one’s expectation, for example someone is supposed to visit a place to spend vacation or travelling for a legitimate purpose but he unfortunately selects a location or a place where he faces problems, reserves a room in a low-quality hotel, eats food that is bad for his health, sends clothes to an unskilled tailor who produces poor stitching etc. Likewise, sometimes a person meets with a road accident due to others or his mistake and suffers a heavy materialistic loss or even risks his life. Having experienced such types of mishaps, whoever ponders over them, admits weakness on his part, and finds out solution in order to avoid them in future is a wise person indeed.

To make a family life peaceful, it is beneficial to learn from the problems and issues arising in a domestic life and avoid them next time. Sometimes someone raises any such issue that leads to arguments and differences at home. If controversial things are not discussed, then amicable environment prevails at home. For example, a husband knows that his wife gets angry at his such and such a topic or act, and in the same way, a wife knows that her husband gets angry at her such and such a topic or treatment. Children, too, should ponder over the acts that disturb and infuriate their parents and create problems at home.

2 Wait and watch policy

Another principle of resolving problems is to ‘wait and watch’ as required. Remember! Hot food may burn your mouth. A solution also depends on one’s wisdom, sanity, prudence and ‘wait and watch policy’. So, it my request to all devotees of Rasool to learn from others’ and your mistakes and do not repeat your mistakes. Have patience and courage when resolving controversial matters to please of Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ. May Allah forgive our mistakes and illuminate our heart and mind!

اٰمِیْن بِجَاہِ النَّبِیِّ الْاَمِیْن صلَّی اللہ علیہ واٰلہٖ وسلَّم




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