Story of Little Zayd

Village trip (Part 1)

Maulana Haidar Madani

During lunch, Little Zayd happily announced his summer holidays, whereupon, his (maternal) uncle said, “We can set off tomorrow.” “Whatever you think is best,” answered the mum. After speaking to his mother, Little Zayd asked, “Where are we going, dear mother?” his uncle replied, “We are taking you to our village, Little Zayd!” Little Zayd was delighted! He even forgot to finish his food! At night, Little Zayd lay there, tossing and turning, but he could not sleep. He was just too excited and kept on thinking about all the things he will see and do in the village. He had never been to a village before!

The next morning, after Fajr Salah, everyone had breakfast, mother had prepared the travel bag the night before, and after breakfast, everyone had a bath and got ready. In the meantime, father brought the rickshaw. After giving Salaam and taking Du’as from the grandmother and father, Little Zayd, his mother and uncle set off.

“The high-speed express going from Karachi to Rawalpindi has arrived at Platform 1!” The staff began loading people’s luggage while uncle brought some water, juice bottles, fruit, and snacks for the journey. He gave the packets to mother, carried the heavy bag himself and said, “Sister, we are in coach number 4, follow me.”

They all took their seats in the train. Mother had Little Zayd recite the travelling Du’a and then Surah al-Quraysh. The train guard blew the whistle. “This means that the train is about to move, so, Little Zayd, do not put your hand outside the window now,” warned the uncle. Upon leaving the city, the speed of the train increased, and whilst looking outside, Little Zayd said, “Mother! Look at how the homes, trees and everything is rushing backwards.” “Yes son. Drink some juice.”

The time passed in talking, eating and drinking, and then they arrived at Hyderabad, whereupon, Little Zayd said, “Dear uncle! How long left until we arrive at our village?” Uncle, who was drinking tea, said, “Little Zayd, we will arrive at our stop after four stations. Come on, let me show you the train.” Uncle took hold of Little Zayd’s finger and began to walk, and it was written at a place: The one who pulls the chain unnecessarily will be fined Rs. 20,000. Little Zayd asked, “Dear uncle, why is this written here?” Uncle replied, “Son, in case of an emergency, there is a chain fixed to stop the train, however, this notice has been written and hung so that no one pulls it mischievously.”

When he returned, Little Zayd fell asleep. Mother began to speak to her brother. Three hours later, his mother woke him up, “Little Zayd! We are about to arrive at our station, wake up.” Little Zayd woke up, rubbing his eyes. Uncle helped him get down, then his mother took him to wash his face. On their return, the train had entered the Khairpur Station and the train workers were running alongside it on the platform. Uncle took both of the bags, and Mother held Little Zayd’s hand. As they got off the train, they saw the young uncle in front of them, and after coming closer and giving salaam, he said: “Look, our Little Zayd has come to visit us,” and then he picked up Little Zayd and embraced him. After meeting everyone, he took hold of one of the bags which his elder brother was holding and said, “Come on sister, a car is waiting outside to take us to the village.”

Dear Children! Do you want to know what Little Zayd saw in the village? Then you will need to wait for the next part.




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