Causes and treatment of asthma

What is Asthma?

Respiratory tract disorder or the disease which causes airways to get inflamed and narrow and makes breathing difficult is called asthma. According to a report, about more than 230 million people over the world are victim of this disease. 50% individuals become a victim of this disease even before the age of 10 years. As a result of this, around one thousand individuals lose their lives every day.

Five (5) Symptoms of Asthma

The symptoms of asthma may appear at any age, but most often in childhood. A few of its common symptoms are:

1        Shortness of breath

2        Infection in the respiratory tract

3        A whistling or wheezing sound when exhaling

4        In the breastfed babies, the symptoms include anxiety while          breastfeeding, or

5        Trouble in breastfeeding

A Few Causes of Asthma

The causes due to which asthma may occur are called the triggers of asthma. A few of them are:

1        Feeling cold

2        Having flu and cold

3        Smoke, dust,  and air pollution

4        Cough

5        Allergic reaction

6        Smoking or sitting with smokers

7        Asthma is sometimes caused by the use of certain types of medicines.


First of all, discover from the asthmatic patient when the asthmatic attack occurs, take care of it in every way. For this, provide him with digestive food. As per convenience, have the patient sit in a healthy environment of clean and fresh air for a while. Serve him the dinner rather early at night. Too much sleep is also harmful to an asthmatic patient; thus, prevent the asthmatic patient from excessive sleep.  

Cold weather and the Asthmatic Patient

Asthma intensifies in cold weather and the asthmatic patient has to experience considerable distress.   Therefore, all and especially asthmatic patients should use sweaters, jackets and warm shawl to protect against the cold. In the same way, when sleeping at night, arrange for warm blanket, etc. Do not go outside the home unnecessarily. In case, you need to go outside, cover the mouth and nose with a scarf to protect you from cold weather, etc.

Two Important Points

Remedies and precautions are very important to get rid of the disease. Extreme caution is needed, especially in long-term illnesses. Items that are harmful to a disease should be avoided. Caution with treatment in asthma is also compulsory. The asthmatic patients should change their daily routine; any kind of drug addiction must be given up. They should avoid dust, dirt, air pollution and tobacco smoke, etc.

Avoid Serious Disease

Sometimes we do not care about the treatment of small disease treating it as minor, but sometimes this small illness goes forward and causes a major disease. If someone gets a respiratory infection, do not wait for asthma treating it as ordinary disease because getting no treatment on time can cause a lot of problems.

Use of Drug

If the drug is prescribed for long-term use by the doctor, it should not be increased or decrease, but should be used for a full period of time.

Diet and Avoidance

Diet and Avoidance: Asthmatic patient can use all kinds of high-quality and improved food. However, he should avoid such a diet that aggravates asthma, and the patient has also observed it himself.  Avoid the use of split green and red grams, egg, gravy of chicks, chickpea, and mutton, beetroot, pumpkin, luffa, bathuwa saag, grape, orange, lemon, oil, rice, red chilli, yogurt, cold water, and the diet that produces phlegm. Use pomegranate, dried date, cucumber, ispaghol, mint, hot coffee without milk and sugar, whereas use jaggery and black sesame balls in winter.

Benefits of Beard

Beard hair protects the bearded skin from sun rays; it gives 90 to 95 per cent protection from skin cancer and it also protects the lungs from asthma virus. (Madani In’amaat, pp. 31)

Spiritual Treatment of Asthma

Write the letters of the following couplet on an apple and feed it to the asthmatic patient, or write them on a glass pot, wash it with water, and let the asthmatic drink from it. اِنْ شَــآءَالـلّٰـه He will be cured in a few days.

لَوْلَا الْھَویٰ لَمْ تُرِقْ دَمْعًا عَلیٰ طَلَل:وَلاَ اَرِقْتَ لِذِ کْرِ الْبَانِ وَالْعَلَمِ

How to Write

Write all letters separately like this:

ل و ل ا ا ل ہ و ی ل م ت ر ق د م ع ا ع ل ی ط ل ل و ل ا ا ر ق ت ل ذک ر ا ل ب ا ن و ا ل ع ل م

(Qaseedah Burdah say Ruhani ‘Ilaaj, pp. 4, 5)

Note: Take each medicine on the prescription of your physician (Doctor or Hakeem).

This article has been medically investigated and verified by Doctor Muhammad Kamran Ishaaq Attari and Hakim Rizwan Firdaus Attari from Majlis Tibbi ‘Ilaaj (Dawat-e-Islami).




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