16 Specialities of Friday

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16 Specialities of Friday

Maulana Shahzayb Attari Madani

Friday is a special day, gifted to us by Allah Almighty. In ancient Arabia, it was called ‘Arūbah’ until it was changed to its current name, ‘Jumu’ah’ by the Beloved Prophet’s ancestor, Ka’b b. Lu’ayy, (Siraat-ul-Jinan, vol. 10, p. 152).

As a day of great merit and virtue, it has many specialities, including:

1. A Day of Eid

Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ has made this Friday a day of Eid for the Muslims, (Ibn-e-Majah, vol. 2, p. 16, Hadith 1098).

2. The cardinal Day

Friday is the chief of days, (Ibn-e-Majah, vol. 2, p. 8, Hadith 1084).

3. The best of Days

The best day on which the sun rises is the day of Friday, (Muslim, p. 331, Hadith 1977).

4. The Day of forgiveness

600 people are freed from Hell in every moment of Friday and the night of Friday, (Musnad Abi Ya’la, vol. 3, p. 235, Hadith 3471).

5. A bastion of rewards

On Friday, the person who performs ghusl, walks early [to the masjid], listens attentively to the sermon from nearby, and does not do anything unnecessary, will receive the reward of fasting and worshipping at night for a year with every step, (Ibn-e-Majah, vol. 2, p. 10, Hadith 1087).

6. Hell is not heated

Hell is heated up and its doors are opened every day, except Friday, (Musnad Al-Shamiyeen, vol. 2, p. 238, Hadith 9512).

7. The reward of 70 Fridays

One Friday with an Imamah is equivalent to 70 Fridays without an Imamah, (Kanz-ul-Ummal, vol. 15, p. 133, Hadith 41131).

8. Salvation

Allah Almighty protects the Muslim who passes away on the day or night of Friday against the trial of the grave, (Tirmizi, vol. 2, p. 339, Hadith 1076).

9. Hajj of the destitute

Friday is the Hajj of the poor, (Jami’-us-Sagheer, p. 221, Hadith 3635).

10. Reward of Umrah

The one who awaits Asr salah after Friday prayer will receive the reward of Umrah, (Shu’ab-ul-Iman, vol. 3, p. 115, Hadith 3046).

11. Time of acceptance

There is an hour on Friday in which supplications are accepted, (Muslim, p. 330, Hadith 1973).

12. Placing of a seal

Those who abandon Friday prayer should desist, otherwise Allah Almighty will place a seal on them and then they will be counted among the heedless, (Muslim, p. 433, Hadith 2002).

13. Ruling of expiation (kaffarah)

Whosoever omits Friday prayer without a reason should give one dinar or half a dinar in charity, (Abu Dawood, vol. 1, p. 393, Hadith 1053).

14. The Day of Judgment

The Day of Judgment will take place on a Friday, (Muslim, p. 331, Hadith 1977).

15. Reward of martyrdom

The one who dies on Friday will receive the reward of martyrdom, (Mirqat-ul-Mafatih, vol. 3, p. 461).

16. The plains of resurrection

On the Day of Judgment, Allah Almighty will raise all days with their forms, and He will raise Friday whilst it is shining and bright, (Al-Mustadrak-lil-Haakim, vol. 1, p. 567, Hadith 1066).

May Allah Almighty grant us all the blessings of this sacred day.

اٰمِیْن بِجَاہِ النَّبِیِّ الْاَمِیْن  صلَّی اللہ علیہ واٰلہٖ وسلَّم




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