41 Names of Judgement Day

Hujjat-ul-Islam, Sayyiduna Imam Muhammad Bin Muhammad Ghazali رَحْمَۃُ اللہِ تَعَالٰی عَلَیْہِ has said: The Judgement Day is one of the things which have been mentioned in the Holy Quran. Allah Almighty has mentioned its calamities and many names so that you be informed about its abundant meanings because of the abundance of its names. The purpose of many names is not to mention names and titles again and again but therein lies warning for the wise because there is one secret under every name of the Judgement Day and there is one meaning under its every characteristic. So you should try to attain the knowledge and recognition of its meanings. (Ihya-ul-‘Uloom-id-Deen, vol. 5, pp. 275)

Read the meanings and the reasons behind these 41 names out of many names of the Judgement Day:

1. Judgement Day is coming soon because every such thing that is certain to come is coming soon. From this perspective, it is called, ‘یَوْمُ الْاٰزِفَةِ’, i.e. the Day which is coming soon.

2. The warning of the torment of the Judgement Day has been given in the world. From this perspective, it is called, ‘یَوْمُ الْوَعِیْدِ’, i.e. the Day of the warning of torment.

3. On this day, Allah Almighty will resurrect everyone, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الْبَعْثِ’ i.e. the Day when people will be resurrected.

4. On this day, people will get out of their graves, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الْخُرُوْجِ’, i.e. the Day of getting out.

5. On this day, Allah Almighty will gather all the people in the plain of Hashr, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الْجَمْع’ i.e. the Day of being assembled and

6. ‘یَوْمُ الْحَشْر’ i.e. the Day of gathering together.

7. On this day, all creation will be in attendance, that’s why it is ‘یَوْمِ مَشْهُوْد’ i.e. the Day of being in attendance.

8. On this day, the accountability of the deeds of creation will be made, that’s why it is called ‘یَوْمُ الْحِسَابِ’ i.e. the Day of accountability.

9. On this day, return will be given and justice will be done, so it is called ‘یَوْمُ الدِّیْنِ’, i.e. the Day of return and justice.

10. It is a big day from the perspective of terror, accountability and reward, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمِ عَظِیْم’ i.e. Great Day.

11. On this day, the decision about people will be made or distance and separation will be made amongst them, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الْفَصْلِ’ i.e. the Day of decision or distance.

12. Since there will be no goodness for unbelievers at all on the Judgement Day, from this perspective it is called ‘یَوْمِ عَقِیْمٌ’ i.e. Infertile Day.

13. From the perspective of accountability and torment, that day will be very tough for unbelievers. For this reason, it is called ‘یَوْمِ عَسِیْرٌ’ i.e. Very Tough Day.

14. On this day, sinners will be besieged by torment; it is therefore called ‘یَوْمِ مُّحِیْطٌ’ i.e. the day which besieges.

15. On this day, unbelievers and polytheists will suffer painful torment, so from this perspective, it is called ‘یَوْمِ اَلِیْمٌ’ i.e. the Painful Day.

16. From the perspective of the toughness of this day, it is called ‘یَوْمِ كَبِیْرٍ’ i.e. the Day of Great Toughness.

17. On this day, people will be ashamed and sad. From this perspective, it is called ‘یَوْمُ الْحَسْرَةِ’ i.e. the day of growing wistful.

18. On Judgement Day, souls and bodies will meet; those living on the earth and in the sky will meet; those who worship others than Allah Almighty and their deities will meet; those who act upon and deeds will meet; former and latter people will meet; the oppressors and the oppressed will meet and those who will be sent to Hell will meet the torment inflicting angels. From this perspective, it is called ‘یَوْمُ التَّـلَاقْ’, i.e. the Day of Meeting.

19. On Judgement Day, the victory of those who will be sent to Paradise and the defeat of unbelievers will be revealed from different perspectives. For this reason, it is called ‘یَوْمُ التَّغَابُنْ’ i.e. the Day when defeat will be revealed.

20. On this day, severities and terrors will spread over everything, therefore it is called ‘یَوْمُ الْغَاشِیَة’ i.e. the Day when calamity will spread over.

21. The arrival of Judgement Day is correct and proven. There is no doubt in its arrival, but rather it is certain and absolute that it will take place, it is therefore called ‘اَلْحَاقَّة’ i.e. the thing that will certainly take place.

22. The hearts (of all humans) will tremble with terror, frightfulness and severity of this day, therefore Judgement Day is called ‘اَلْقَارِعَة’ i.e. the Day of Frightening Calamity.

23. Those of the earth and the sky will fall unconscious due to the frightfulness of this day, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الصَّاعِقَة’ i.e. the Day of Unconsciousness.

24. On this day, the sky will blow up, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الْاِنْشِقَاق’ i.e. the Day of Blowing up.

25. On this day, a promise has been made to gather all those of the earth and the sky, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الْمَوْعُوْد’ i.e. the Day of Promise.

26. All the people after death will be gathered at a fixed time. From this perspective, it is called ‘یَوْمِ مَعْلُوْم’ i.e. the Known Day.

27. On this day, bodies will be brought to the plain of Hashr after they will be taken out from the graves. It is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ النُّشُوْر’ i.e. the Resurrection Day.

28. On this day, a person will run away from his brother even from his mother and father, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الْفِرَار’ i.e. the Day of Escape.

29. On this day, people after accountability will either stay in Paradise or in Hell. From this perspective, it is called ‘یَوْمُ الْقَرَار’ i.e. the Day of Staying.

30. On this day, people will be given the return for their deeds, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الْجَزَاء’ i.e. the Day of Return.

31. On this day, there will be people who fear from Allah Almighty without seeing the torment given by Him and obey Him and who will come as sincere, obedient and having correct belief. It will be said to such people, ‘Enter Paradise without any fear, with peace and satisfaction; you will neither be tormented nor your blessings be wasted.’ From this day onwards people will live in Paradise forever and now there will neither be any end nor any death, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الْخلود’ i.e. the Day of Eternity.

32. On this day, people will be driven off towards the plain of Mahshar, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الْمَسَاق’ i.e. the Day of Walking.

33. The day when first blow (in one horn) will be made [which is called ‘نفخۂ اُوْلٰی’ (Nafkha-e-Aula)], so due to the frightfulness of this day, the earth and the mountain will start moving intensely and an extremely strong earthquake will strike and entire creation will die, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الرَّاجِفَة’ i.e. the Day of the Vibrating [sound].

34. After this first blow, the second blow will be made through which everything will be brought back to life by the command of Allah Almighty [which is called ‘نفخۂ ثانیہ’ (Nafkha-e-Saniyah); there is a distance of forty years between both the Nafkhahs], it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الرَّادِفَة’ i.e. The day [of the sound] which will come after [the first one] and

35. ‘یَوْمُ الْفَزَع’ i.e. the Day of Great Nervousness.

36. The day when second time the deafening sound of blowing Trumpet will emanate, everyone will run away from one another so that no one can ask him/her for his/her rights, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الصَّاخَّة’ i.e. the Day of Deafening Roar.

37. On this day, the deeds of people will be weighed, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الْوَزْن’ i.e. the Day of Weight [of deeds].

38. When the earth [on the Judgement Day] will shiver due to which the mountains and all buildings on it will fall and it will continue to shiver until all the things in it come out, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الرَّجَّة’ i.e. the Day of Violently Shaking and Moving [the earth].

39. On this day, the truth will be revealed in a way that there will be no margin of doubt, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الْیَقِین’.

40. On this day, people will meet their Rab عَزَّوَجَلَّ, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ اللِّقَاء’ i.e. the Day of Meeting.

41. [On Judgement Day], people will be drowned in their own sweat according to their deeds. Some will be up to their ankles, some will be up to their knees, some people will be up to their backs and some will be even up to their mouths, it is therefore called ‘یَوْمُ الْعَرْق’ i.e. the Day of Perspiration.

(Ithaf-us-Sadaat-il-Muttaqeen, vol. 14, pp. 450-453; Siraat-ul-Jinaan, vol. 8, pp. 297)

Sayyiduna Imam Muhammad Bin Muhammad Ghazali رَحْمَۃُ اللہِ تَعَالٰی عَلَیْہِ has said: The best thing for us is that we should follow the Holy Quran strictly, but we do not concentrate on its meanings, nor do we ponder over the attributes of the Judgement Day and its abundant names and nor do we try to attain salvation from the terrors of this day. We want Allah Almighty’s protection from this heedlessness. May Allah Almighty forgive our mistakes by His vast mercy! (Ithaf-us-Sadaat-il-Muttaqeen, vol. 14, pp. 456)




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