Selection of a good school

New academic year is as important for parents as it is for children. Some parents enrol their children in school for the first time whereas some, dissatisfied with previous school management and children’s progress, are deeply concerned about selecting a new and better school.

In fact, all parents are desirous of seeing the bright future of their children who, after growing up, prove to be decent citizens and great supporters for their homeland, societies and families in all aspects. The fulfilment of these aspirations revolves around the current education and Tarbiyyah of a child. So, especial attention and carefulness are required regarding the selection of a good school. People must stay away from the schools ensuring a bright worldly future at the cost the ‘future life of the Hereafter’. Nowadays utmost concentration and energy are dedicated to produce a successful human being, not a good Muslim and an Aashiq-e-Rasool [devotee of Rasool].

Following some important points will help in choosing a good school:

٭  Apart from being a knowledge seeker, courteous and well-trained, a professional school teacher should be a practicing Muslim with correct beliefs.

٭  There should be no co-education system i.e. there should be separate classrooms for boys and girls.

٭  There should be well-decorated and furnished class rooms and proper cleaning of toilets.

٭  ‘Classroom size’ should be appropriate, neither too big, nor too small and narrow; young children are unable to see writing board in a big class room and they also feel uncomfortable when a class room is too narrow.  Similarly, classrooms should be environmentally friendly.

٭  Condition of school premises and classroom should be perfect in all respects such as there should be no open electric wire, broken glass windows, sub-standard furniture, broken chairs etc.

٭  Before enrolling a child in a pre-school, check out the facilities including sports facilities. Ensure there is no such type of swings that may hurt children and ensure there are separate play grounds for young and older children.

٭  Before enrolling a child, ensure there is a library. A good library is one of the important elements of school premise, without which a school is incomplete. If a library will be available in a school, students will also have opportunity to read books other than curriculum textbooks and develop their interest in reading books.   

٭  There should also be arts and craft activities (within Shari’ah limitations) at school. These activities develop a sense of confidence and creativity amongst children.

٭  There should be a canteen having edibles meeting hygiene standards.


Remember! To ensure all essentials, visit school yourself. Do not make any decision just relying on others’ words.

Honourable parents! ‘Dar-ul-Madinah International Islamic Schooling System’, a department of Dawat-e-Islami, have been striving to promote high-quality education and serve your children with a best educational environment. International branches of ‘Dar-ul-Madinah international Islamic schooling system’ have been serving in India, United Kingdom (U.K) and United States of America (U.S.A).

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