Message to parents

Give children freedom

Asif Jahanzaib Attari Madani

Respected parents! You must have heard this saying before, ‘Excessive scolding and telling-off makes children rebellious.’

This is a fact that taking freedom away from children in the age when they want freedom will subsequently result in having negative impact on their personality. When children grow in the light of these negative effects, then they fall prey to inferiority complex. It harms their self-confidence. It ceases their ability to face challenging times and make decisions. At every stage of life, they constantly fear making mistakes, and all these things make children’s future bleak.

Remember! Only a correct upbringing assures a child’s bright future. Therefore, when children are at upbringing phase, do give them freedom of a few things, some of them mentioned below:

1. Freedom to experience

If your children try to do something new and good, do not stop them and tarnish their capability; rather, give them advice and help them in the light of your own experiences.

2. Freedom from fear

Remember! Unnecessary fear makes children lack courage and makes them coward. If you exercise your power of force on them, they will develop fear within them. They will feel frightened to talk to you or seek your advice, or they will become stubborn, as telling-off children unnecessarily makes them develop a sense of fear in their minds. Try to develop softness in your attitude. Give children a chance to find their shortcomings. If they fail in exams or other important tasks, you need to encourage and motivate them instead of shouting at them and telling them off.

3. Freedom of speech

Due to lack of attention, a communication gap develops between you and your child, due to which, the child feels a bit hesitant towards you. Provide your child with such an environment that he deems you his well-wisher and talks to you openly about everything.

4. Freedom of advice

If you want to strengthen your child’s decision-making abilities, then give him the freedom to give advice so that he may develop the skill of giving advice within himself.

5. Freedom to play

Many parents stop their children from playing due to the fear of injury, whereas, it is an injury that teaches a child (how to observe) precaution. Children should be provided with such an atmosphere where they do not get major or deep injuries. Small scratches or falling over is a means of strengthening their physique and shaping up their personality.

6. Freedom to speak the truth

If a child is shouted at because of telling the truth, then he will feel frightened to tell the truth and incline towards lying. Give your children the freedom to speak the truth. Instead of shouting at them when they make a mistake, make them understand in a pleasant way so that they develop the courage to understand their mistake and speak the truth.

Dear Parents! In the light of the aforementioned points, keep the element of freedom in view while upbringing your children so that their character can develop, resulting in their future being bright instead of dark and they may live as a successful individual in the society.




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