Wolf’s eye


Wolf’s eye

Bilal Husain Attari

The Wolf, wandering here and there in search of prey, reached a cave which smelled of fresh meat. Due to hunger and the smell of fresh meat on top of that, the wolf couldn’t help himself fromentering the cave.

When the Wolf entered the cave, he saw his old friend, the Cheetah, eating a goat and said in surprise: ‘You! Where have you been missing for so long? Enjoyed eating the whole goat all by yourself!’

Cheetah: ‘Yes brother! I worked hard hunting and now I am eating the fruit of this hard work. You tell me, are you ok? You look very weak, even though you used to be very healthy before!’

Wolf: ‘What can I tell you! You hunt and eat easily, but I face a lot of trouble. Everyday, a herd of goats comes to graze in the forest from a nearby village, but there are many sturdy dogs with the herd for security, so I can't hunt them. Cheetah! Can you give me an idea of ​​how to hunt these goats and get myself back to a good health as before?’

Cheetah: ‘I have an idea in my mind. Take the skin of the goat I have eaten and wear it tomorrow morning. Then, as soon as the herd comes, disguise yourself as a goat and sneak into it; and you would know yourself what to do next.’

‘I have got it, Cheetah! What an idea you have given me, wow!’ Whilst thanking the Cheetah, the Wolf picked up the skin and left.

Then, as usual, the next day when the herd of goats arrived, the wolf discretely joined the herd of goats and made a mindset to make one goat his food every day. The wolf was very happy because he was eating a goat every day without any effort. A few days later, the owner became anxious about the shortage of goats but he did not understand how the goats are decreasing despite the security.

The owner removed the zebra from the security charge and replaced it with a cunning fox.

The cunning fox quietly went to the goat pen one night while all the goats were resting. It watched each goat closely whilst sitting at a distance. Suddenly, its glance fell upon a goat who was sleeping with one eye open. When one eye opened, the other closed and when the other opened, the first eye closed. When he told all this to the owner, it immediately occurred to him that this is how a wolf sleeps. He immediately brought the deceitful wolf to his end with the help of his staff!

Dear children! By lying and cheating, we can gain temporary happiness but remember that the lie is exposed sooner or later and then you have nothing left but remorse! Learn a lesson from this wolf’s story and make sure that no matter what happens, we always tell the truth and never deceive anyone.




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