The Unhappy Turtle

Amazing Animal Stories

The Unhappy Turtle

Maulana Abu Mu’awiyah Madani

Today, all the students were happy. They had finally been given permission for a picnic at the zoo with everyone’s favourite teacher, Mr. Hudhud.

‘Is everyone here?’ asked Mr. Hudhud.

‘Sir, all 20 children are here, I have counted them. We are ready to go,’ answered Parrot.

As the coach went along, night fell. One by one, all the children fell fast asleep. But not Turtle. He was busy tossing and turning. As he glanced around the coach, he saw that Rabbit had his eyes wide open.

Turtle crept out of his seat and walked over to Rabbit: ‘You can’t sleep, either?’ he whispered, ‘I was thinking how I would spend the entire night awake by myself. It’s good that I saw you.’

‘I’m speaking to you!’ Turtle said in an angry but quiet voice, ‘why don’t you reply to me! Why are you silent!’

As Turtle stood there, waiting for an answer, Rabbit did not reply. Not a single word. Turtle was upset and returned to his seat.

‘The children have had their breakfast. Your breakfast is also ready. Should I bring your breakfast?’ said Parrot to Mr. Hudhud.

‘Yes, bring it, but not here. I am going to sit with the kids, bring it there,’ Mr. Hudhud said, walking over to the children.

Whilst enjoying the nice and warm breakfast and talking to the children, Mr. Hudhud said: ‘Children! Let me ask you a question. Whoever replies, I’ll give them a prize after the picnic.’

Everyone cheered with excitement.

‘Which animal does not feel sleepy at night and remains awake all night?’

‘The guard fox!’ cried out Chicken, pointing at Fox sleeping next to her.

Mr. Hudhud smiled while shaking his head right to left. ‘No!’ he said, ‘he only stays awake for security, otherwise he too feels sleepy, and sometimes even falls asleep.’

The children looked at each other. Then, Turtle bellowed, ‘Sir! I’ll tell you! That animal is me.’

Mr. Hudhud was impressed. ‘Wow! Fantastic! That’s right,’ he said, ‘Now tell me about that animal who sleeps but his eyes remain open.’

The children fell in silence. It seemed like a strange thing to ask. ‘The rabbit,’ exclaimed Mr. Hudhud.

‘That’s why Rabbit did not reply to me yesterday!’ cried Turtle, before explaining what happened the previous night.

‘Did you hear that?’ asked Mr. Hudhud, turning to the class, ‘Turtle was upset with his friend last night just due to a misunderstanding. If we have a misunderstanding about someone, we should speak to the other person straight away. This will solve the issue and it’s what good friends do.’




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